New Vegan Menu At The Pancake Parlour

The Pancake Parlour is a long time (since 1965) family restaurant chain and one of those places etched in to the memories of many a Melburnian. Nothing on the menu was vegan, until now. The Pancake Parlour management has listened to customer feedback, as well as feedback from staff who were telling head office people kept coming in asking for vegan options.

Alas, the pancakes are not vegan and while I don’t miss any pre-vegan foods, if Pancake Parlour made a vegan version of their pancakes, I’d be all over it. Perhaps that’s due to a fair bit of nostalgia because PP was a very special treat when I was growing up. On our few trips to the city during the year, Mum would take us to lunch and I’d always get the Alice in Wonderland (a pancake with icecream, chocolate syrup and sprinkles).

During my vegan years, I never went along to the PP when there were family meals there because there was nothing satisfactory I could have or veganise easily enough, so I’d stay home. So it’s good to know that I can go along and get a meal too.

One of my favourite treats in the pre-vegan days was the Swiss Mountain Milk Malt and I was really happy to see this is on the vegan menu. The milk options are almond or soy, so my son and I shared a soy version with the chocolate flavour (the other flavour was espresso). I love malt but couldn’t really taste it at all, and it was pretty sweet. At $11.20 this is a pricey beverage but I’ve been waiting years for vegan options at the PP and was happy to splash out the cash! Yes, that’s my doppelganger on the glass:For a meal, I got the Strawberry Plantcrepe ($16.90). The filling is made up of fresh strawberries with organic strawberry jam and vanilla soy ice cream is included. I really wasn’t sure what to expect as some of the vegan crepes I’ve had elsewhere haven’t been that flash, but this crepe was really well done.Other vegan crepe options include the Chocnana Crunch Plantcrepe (banana, peanut butter, chocolate, $15.90), Bavarian Apple Plantcrepe (spiced apple filling, $15.90), two plain Plantcrepes with ice cream ($12.60) and the Jamaican Banana Plantcrepe (grilled banana, $15.90). All served with vanilla soy ice cream.

There’s the Superfood Salad too (gluten free: kale, quinoa, lentils, black beans, corn, mixed lettuce, hommus, other fresh mixed veg dressed with lemon infused olive oil, $15.90). Vegan chickpea tuna is an optional extra for $4.

There’s a Berry Power Smoothie and a Super Green Power Smoothie, both $9.50 and gluten free.

I am pretty impressed at the chickpea tuna offering, because that shows some research has been done. From what I have seen and heard, the PP have really made an effort to develop this vegan menu and hopefully there will be even more. I’m hoping for a vegan version of the cottage fries!

I’m always happy when restaurants include decent vegan options or better, develop a new vegan menu in response to customer requests. A big name like PP introducing a vegan menu is pretty great.

We had lunch at the Melbourne Central restaurant. The full vegan menu is available here, Doncaster and Malvern East only. The smoothies, malt shake and salad options are available at all the PP restaurants.


10 thoughts on “New Vegan Menu At The Pancake Parlour

  1. Wow that is pretty amazing – I am not sure I have ever had crepes at the Pancake Parlour but I would love to try these – sounds like someone there must have been doing some experimenting so hope it continues – maybe they will discover that vegan pancakes aren’t that hard to make

    • I hope so too! I loved their pancakes so much, that I hope they make a vegan version. I know they use buttermilk but with so many vegan alternatives (and all the recipes out there that produce fluffy thick vegan pancakes), I feel hopeful 😀

  2. We have the Pancake Manor here, which does have some vegan options, though I have never been.
    Might add this to my next in Melbourne list! Glad to see them using soy ice cream rather than coconut.

    • oooh Pancake MANOR. Years ago I had a voucher for Pancake Kitchen which I think was in Ballarat and when we rocked up it was the Pancake parlour.

  3. This is really good news, when a major chain makes these menu changes! I wish they had the pancakes vegan but the crepes look good