Faye’s Mousse Your Own Adventure Cake

Faye's Mousse Your Own Adventure vegan aquafaba cake

The only fitting way I can begin this blog post is by telling you all that I am super thrilled to share this recipe. I’m trying hard to keep this short but seriously failing!

This is a cake my Mum started making over forty years ago. It never had a name but we called it Biscuit Cake, because of the sponge finger, or Savoiardi, biscuits. Biscuit Cake was the most special of all cakes and was requested by many cousins. It’s sort of like a tiramisu, with your sponge and cream-like layers, though my Mum’s recipe never had coffee or mascarpone.

When I became vegan, I looked in to veganising Biscuit Cake but it was full on vegan unfriendly– cream, butter, eggs. Not to mention a lack of available vegan Savoiardi! When veganising my family’s old recipes, it’s very important to me that I stick to making them as ‘authentic’ as possible. Using coconut cream for example is not an option for a replication of Biscuit Cake (unless I was deliberately going for a brand new cake), because there was no coconut in the original. Same with the mousse component of the cake. I’ve made other mousses with a tofu base, avocado mousse, all those different kinds of vegan mousse, but none were the *same* kind of mousse that is needed for this family favourite.

In short, if I was to veganise Biscuit Cake, it had to taste, look and feel exactly like the Biscuit Cake I grew up with. No compromises. Biscuit Cake is just too special for poor knockoffs!

I never imagined I could one day create a vegan version of Biscuit Cake, that tastes like the original and has the exact same mousse-ishness. But that day has come! And I can sum it up in one word: aquafaba.

If you haven’t heard of aquafaba, perhaps you’ve heard of vegan meringue being made with the liquid from chickpeas or beans. That’s aquafaba. I pop open a can of chickpeas and use the liquid as an egg replacer. Or you can whip the aquafaba and it ends up like whipped egg white! No more pouring the liquid down the sink!

Please check out the Facebook group called Vegan Meringue- Hits and Misses for some amazing creations (and helpful ‘failures’) to see what people are up to. I love checking to see what people have some up with! Or check out #aquafaba on Instagram or Twitter. The official aquafaba site is at http://aquafaba.com/

So I got to thinking: could I really use aquafaba to make the mousse just right? My gut feeling was no because the success of the cake depends on how the mousse turns out.

Awesome people, I am ecstatic to report that I did it! Boy was it a nervous night, pacing up and down, waiting for the mousse to set. A few hours after putting it in the fridge, I ever so carefully tilted the container of this moussey-cake experiment, fully expecting it to run. IT DIDN’T BUDGE. That’s when my heart skipped a beat (and I mean that).

Then I did what anyone else would have done in my position, even though you’re supposed to let this recipe stay untouched in the fridge overnight. I grabbed a spoon and just went for it.

I made the cake a second time as a recipe test and also to get photos of the process, shown below (the full recipe can be printed out further down). Both times turned out fantastic, even with my minor psyllium husk stuff up the second time!

Out of all the family cakes in my collection, Biscuit Cake has the most sentimental spot in my heart. It wasn’t just the cake itself– it was the experience of helping to make it and the anticipation of eating it. Then the loooong wait until it was ready to be topped with cream the next morning, and then hours after that before it would be eaten at a family event. All the kids hung around for Biscuit Cake!

I’ve decided to name this cake Faye’s Mousse Your Own Adventure Cake because you can change up the flavours. If you want a chocolate cake with peppermint flavoured mousse, go to page 42. If you prefer a coconut cake with lemon mousse, turn to page 86. That kind of thing! I did an experiment with a white chocolate raspberry mousse that turned out great.

I’m so happy I can share this much loved family cake with my children (with no raw egg) and I’m so happy I can share it with all of you! If you make it, I’d love to hear how it went!


I’ll put my notes and tips here in point form. Please read through them, and the recipe, a few times before attempting to make it! I know this is already so long but the cake can seem a little ‘busy’ (truthfully, I sometimes felt frazzled doing this on my own and having a helping pair of hands is good!)

– Have your cake ready: use your favourite vegan plain sponge (or plain cake) recipe. Bake it in a square or loaf tin. When cool, cut it in slices no less than 1cm. You will need two layers of the cake slices, so experiment first with a serving dish to see what fits best (don’t make the cake slices more than 1.5cm). For this cake and even trifles I have used cake recipes from Bryanna Clarke Grogan and Dreena Burton. Just find a plain vanilla cake for my cake shown here.

– Gather your equipment: a small to medium sized saucepan and wooden spoon for melting the chocolate; a large mixing bowl for folding the melted chocolate mix and beaten aquafaba; electric beaters (or something to whip your aquafaba with); a spatula or something to fold beaten aquafaba whites; a small whisk (or spoon) with a bowl for the psyllium husk mixture; a wide bowl for the warmed milk (you will dip cake slices in this); your serving dish. Have everything ready in place.

– Have your workspace (benches/counters, stove, sink) cleared! If, like me, you have a small kitchen, you will need a fair bit of space to work and a place to dump the dirty dishes.

– This cake is best left in the fridge overnight to set properly (apply any cream topping after it has set and when you’re ready to serve). It still tastes fine days later.

– Depending on the density of your cake slices, you may need to dip briefly, or longer. Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out perfectly, it still tastes awesome!

– Seriously, if this turns out wrong and the mousse is all sloppy and your cake is too mooshy or dry because you over or under dipped the cake slices, don’t worry! It will still taste great. If it’s too wet, call it a pudding with the word ‘surprise’ in the title. If it’s too dry, have some of your favourite cream. I’ve eaten too-wet and too-dry versions in the past, when my cousins had made the original recipe and got it a little wrong but everyone still ate up. So don’t worry!

The full recipe can be printed out below, but here are some of the steps shown with photos.

* Melting your vegan butter and chocolate gently:

Faye's Mousse Your Own Adventure vegan aquafaba cake

* The melted chocolate-butter mix with unbeaten aquafaba and ground psyllium husk (whisked in milk) added. Photo note! I actually made a mistake when I was mixing up the psyllium husk (I used way too much before adding to the chocolate as I miscalculated). I was able to compensate luckily! The little bits of psyllium husk you see weren’t noticeable in the finished cake, but my first successful experiment had a much smoother looking chocolate mixture:

Faye's Mousse Your Own Adventure vegan aquafaba cake

* After having beaten your aquafaba, you fold it together with the cooled chocolate mixture to form the mousse:

Faye's Mousse Your Own Adventure vegan aquafaba cake

* Dip each cake slice in the warmed milk and put a single layer down in your serving dish:

Faye's Mousse Your Own Adventure vegan aquafaba cake

* Pour half the mousse mixture over the cake slices, making sure everything is covered. Then make a second layer (again, dipping the cake slices in the warm milk before placing on top of the mousse). Then pour the remaining mousse on top (I was a cake slice short here!):

Faye's Mousse Your Own Adventure vegan aquafaba cake

* Got any leftover mousse? Eat it!

Faye's Mousse Your Own Adventure vegan aquafaba cake

* Cover and set in the fridge for at least six hours or overnight:

Faye's Mousse Your Own Adventure vegan aquafaba cake

* The next day, serve! Here I’ve used some cashew cream on top:

Faye's Mousse Your Own Adventure vegan aquafaba cake


I used home made hazelnut milk in this recipe and added a teaspoon of hazelnut extract to the melted chocolate-butter mix. Some other flavour combinations may include

* coconut cake with white chocolate lemon mousse and coconut cream

* chocolate cake with peppermint mousse

* white chocolate raspberry mousse with lemon cake (I tried this and added pureed and strained berries to a white chocolate-vegan butter combination, then added the aquafaba and psyllium husks. The mousse turned out fine)

* almond-milk dipped cake with almond flavoured mousse

I hope you enjoy a Mousse Your Own Adventure of your own 😀


Faye's Mousse Your Own Adventure Cake
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A much loved favourite of my family's growing up, this cake uses aquafaba for a delicate vegan mousse layered with cake slices. The cake is refrigerated overnight and you can choose your own adventure by changing up milks, flavour extracts or the flavour of your cake or cream topping.
Servings Prep Time
8 servings 35 minutes
Servings Prep Time
8 servings 35 minutes
Faye's Mousse Your Own Adventure Cake
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A much loved favourite of my family's growing up, this cake uses aquafaba for a delicate vegan mousse layered with cake slices. The cake is refrigerated overnight and you can choose your own adventure by changing up milks, flavour extracts or the flavour of your cake or cream topping.
Servings Prep Time
8 servings 35 minutes
Servings Prep Time
8 servings 35 minutes
Servings: servings
  1. Have your preferred cake, such as a plain vegan sponge, cooled and sliced in to pieces approx. 1cm to 1.5cm thick. You need to end up with two layers of the cake slices in your serving dish. My serving dish is 22cm x 17cm and about 8cm high.
  2. On a low heat, melt your chocolate and butter, frequently stirring. When melted, remove from heat and let it cool for about ten minutes.
  3. While the chocolate mixture cools, beat the 9Tbs of aquafaba in a medium sized bowl. Beat until you have soft peaks, appox. ten minutes (for some people it takes longer). Set aside.
  4. In a bowl, whisk together the 2Tbs of ground psyllium husk with about 3/4 cup of the non-dairy milk. It should be a little runny, not thick and requiring effort to stir. If it's not runny enough, add more non-dairy milk. Whisk until well combined (these must be ground psyllium husks).
  5. Add the 4Tbsp of unbeaten aquafaba to the melted chocolate mixture and whisk to combine. Whisk in the psyllium husk-milk mixture until well combined.
  6. Very gently fold the melted chocolate mixture (which now consists of the chocolate, butter, unbeaten aquafaba and ground psyllium mix) to the beaten aquafaba whites. Fold until mostly combined but don't stir. Also don't worry if it's not completely one colour, but try to get as close as you can. This now forms the mousse.
  7. Dip cake slices in to the warmed non-dairy milk, making one layer in your serving dish. I dipped both sides of the cake for a few seconds each, though this step may ultimately be where you discover if you over or under dipped!
  8. Cover the first layer of cake slices with half of the mousse mixture. Make sure everything is well covered so the first layer is even.
  9. Make a second layer of dipped cake slices on top of the mousse in the dish. Top this second layer of cake with the remaining mousse. If you have too much mousse left for your serving dish, put it in a bowl and enjoy it later!
  10. Cover your serving dish and leave it in the fridge for about six hours or overnight.
  11. Add your choice of topping before serving (or taking it out somewhere) such as cashew cream, whipped coconut cream or whatever you've chosen for this adventure! Or you can go without a 'cream' topping and dust on some icing (confectioner's) sugar, top with sliced strawberries, whatever you please!
Recipe Notes

* I've written this recipe with metric measurements.

* Use some aquafaba you have successfully used previously, so you know it whips properly.

* use GROUND psyllium husks! You might need more or less of the non-dairy milk specified to get the psyllium-milk mix to be runny.

* As my preferred cake is already on the sweeter side, I don't need to add any other sweetener. The sweetness comes mainly from the cake but be mindful of the chocolate you use-- if you use a sweeter chocolate perhaps go for a less sweet cake. I prefer my finished product to be a little sweet, not too sweet.

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12 thoughts on “Faye’s Mousse Your Own Adventure Cake

  1. Omg this looks so great! Thank you for sharing a recipe that is dear to you, it is obvious you are excited about it! I think its very special when we can make a vegan version of something we loved so much as a child! I am having so much fun with my chickpea aquafaba tests and so much hommus!

    • thanks! Yep I’m excited about it but also nervous if other people make it and it doesn’t turn out! Must admit I’m so sick of eating chickpeas now though…

    • thanks! I think the psyllium husk is the bit that may possibly be the least appealing bit, if people don’t use a well ground one. Even though I screwed up one of my experiments and the psyllium was visible, in the finished product I didn’t really see it until I was deliberately looking for it (and I was really pulling the mousse apart searching!) The psyllium was more obvious in my white chocolate-raspberry mousse though, so I have to revisit that and probably grind the psyllium a little first!

  2. fantastic to see your family recipe made possible thanks to aqua faba – I really must try that stuff (I want to make meringues but they have so much sugar and we have enough sweet food!). I never had tiramisu because I don’t like coffee – this sounds so much nicer. I was wondering if you could make a cake with orange zest and pair it with the chocolate mousse for a jaffa flavour!

    • I think there are so many flavour combos possible with this cake, today I was thinking about a chestnut mousse with chestnut cake. Though I’ve made a chestnut cake in the past with chestnut flour and it was awful!

    • I liked tiramisu but would feel sick after from the dairy. Next time I make my cake I think I’ll add in the coffee flavours 🙂

    • hi, I’ve used a plain sponge cake recipe from World Vegan Feast by Bryanna Clarke Grogan and another plain vanilla cake from one of the Dreena Burton books. But really, any plain vegan cake will do 🙂