Vegan Day Out: A Visit To Frolic and Madame K’s Vegetarian, Fitzroy

Vegan Day Out Fitzroy

Today my sister and I went to Fitzroy for Vegan Day Out: a fab weekend of fab vegan offers! We started at the Cruelty Free Shop to pick up our map with all the discount offers. Pura Veda had some samples of their muesli and coconut yoghurt. My sister and I ended up buying the products:

Vegan Day Out Fitzroy

Other samples on offer were Al Nada Vegan Lebanese Sweets, Alpro puddings and Bio Cheese. I don’t know if there were any other samples during the day as we were walking up and down Brunswick Street trying to kill time before the lunch offers started:

Brunswick Street Fitzroy brunswick street fitzroy

For our first food stop, we went to Frolic. This was my first visit there (my sister’s too) and we were pretty happy with the set up. We ordered the vegan waffle which you then top with whatever you like, then pay based on weight. Not all toppings are vegan but most are. I liked seeing labels that said “not vegan”. Ha!

Frolic Fitzroy frolic

We topped our waffle with halva chunks, vegan nutella sauce, mango sauce, coconut, almonds, caramel bananas, blueberry jam, kiwi, strawberries, coconut yoghurt and a couple of the syrups. We shared this because we wanted to leave room for lunch:

Frolic Fitzroy waffles

After walking around some more, we went back to the Cruelty Free Shop and it was packed yet again. There were so many people holding their Vegan Day Out maps along Brunswick Street and so many people in the shop! There were lots of fab discounts in the store. We did some shopping then headed down to Radhey Kitchen & Chai Bar for their noon opening. We got there at 12:10 and it was packed, with no spare tables. My sister and I really wanted to sit down somewhere for a meal so we decided to go to Madame K’s Vegetarian instead, as I’ve been wanting to take her there for quite a while.

My sister ordered the Japanese curry. This was fantastic and probably the best vegan Japanese curry I’ve tried, though I would love some crispy crumbed stuff in it!

Madame K's Vegetarian

I ordered the Penang curry. Lovely silky tofu as you can see. My sister and I shared our meals and we both agreed they were some of the nicest meals we’ve had in a restaurant. I’ve been to Madame K’s before and would love to go back again soon:

Madame K's Vegetarian

By this time we were unbelievably stuffed and didn’t really fancy any of the vegan cake offers, purely because we were just so full.  We decided to go back to Frolic anyway. The vegan soft serve flavours were Chocolate, Forest Berries, Coconut and Banana Walnut. We chose the latter and I topped it with two poached figs, coconut, halva and some more of the vegan nutella sauce. To be honest I wasn’t really won over by the flavour of the ice cream but I very much liked the sweetness level. It wasn’t sweet at all and my sister said it was perfect. Because we were both so full, the non-sweet aspect was really appreciated. Please believe me when I say I did not style this photo in any way, nor make the last bit of ice cream stick up on purpose. With the two fig balls:

Frolic vegan soft serve

Vegan Day Out was a great day out. The weather was perfect, the discount offers were great and if I could go back again tomorrow I would. But I can’t, and that sucks.

Thanks to everyone involved in making this a fab day!


Dinner at Madame K’s Vegetarian

This time of year is crazy-busy. I have Christmas events, end of year events, a million birthdays, final classes-of-the-year for the kids and nearly every one of those involves me having to cook or take along a plate.  So I was very pleased to get a night off from cooking and go out to dinner with friends to Madame K’s.

Some of the store window displays along Brunswick Street in Fitzroy:





And Madame K’s itself:


I swear I could make my own veganny restauranty version of The Twelve Days of Christmas, because the menu had so much good looking stuff.  Seriously, check out this menu:


There were four of us and we each chose a different entree to share.  I had the miso glazed eggplant which was lovely but my friends aren’t eggplant eggheads like me:


N chose the chive dumplings (I think).  These were amazing, I could eat a whole barrel.  I dropped some dumpling in the dipping sauce, because I’m stylish like that:


K went for the roti and peanut sauce.  Sure, roti is plain but it’s delicious nonetheless.  Another barrel for me please:


H ordered the curry puffs.  Curry filling stuffed in pastry.  No more needs to be said.  Well, apart from ONE MORE BARREL:


Choosing a main was really tough.  I was torn between the Japanese vegetarian curry and the Massaman ‘lamb’ curry with mashed sweet potato.  I have not had a good Massaman curry in so so long so I went for that instead.  Yep, completely forgetting I should be ordering gluten free.  Whoops.  But it didn’t affect me really.  Anyway, this dish did not disappoint.  The only thing about dishes like this with something that looks so much like meat is that I feel weird eating it.  I’ve never felt I needed a meat replacement and mock meat isn’t really my thing, but I was very happy with this dish and for me it just stood out on its own and not necessarily as a ‘great mock meat meal’.  H had a piece of the mock meat (she’d never tried it before) and remarked it was way better than what she expected.  Sorry, I only have this photo as the other was too blurry:


H ordered the Mushroom Lover.  We were all a bit taken aback at the soupy kind of consistency but I think she enjoyed it.  I didn’t try it as anything other than button and portobello mushrooms freak me waaaay out:


K got the nasi goreng, I tried some and hope that when I go there with Husband, he will order it so I can annoyingly pick at his plate:


N got a stir fry which looked great:


We didn’t go for dessert, I was too stuffed anyway!

Everything was pretty much great.  The only downside would be that two entrees came out first, the third arrived five minutes later and the fourth arrived so late that we got a surprise when it was brought to our table.  Two main meals arrived first, the third main in just under ten minutes later and the fourth main was again considerably later.  We weren’t unhappy though, as only one person was dealing with orders (a second was bringing food out) and considering she had to deal with so much and did it all with a smile and general coolness, it was all good.

I didn’t get to snoop around and check out the toilet and accessibility situation so all I remember is that you can’t split your bills.  And that the bill comes to you in a cutesy kids book.

I’m really hoping I can go back to Madame K’s and soon.  When I’m still drooling over the food the next day, you know it’s a good thing.

Okay, I’m off to get started on the cleaning the house.  There’s only so much stepping on Lego barefoot that I can take.  Husband has taken the kids to my inlaws so you know what that means: Poison and Skid Row full blast.  Rock on, hair metal lovers!