The Snug Public House in Brunswick

Since my first visit to The Snug Public House in St Kilda, the vegan menu options at The Snug (both St Kilda and Brunswick) have really kicked off. I missed the vegan night back in November, where diners were stuffed with samples of the upcoming menu.

I’ve been to The Snug in Brunswick twice now. Both times I wanted to try the mushroom stout pie but it wasn’t available and doesn’t appear on the Brunswick menu, so perhaps it’s just a St Kilda thing. No problem though because there’s always a shepherd’s pie AS BIG AS YOUR FACE.

But first, an entree! I knew the main meal would defeat me if we shared an entree but I wanted to try the pulled jackfruit bbq ‘pork’. Usually I avoid ordering bbq-anything because bbq sauces are always so sweet for me and if I follow a bbq-something recipe at home I always cut the sugar waaay down. The Snug’s bbq pulled pork was pretty nice, sweet without being unbearably sweet and I was happy-surprised to see it sitting on top of hummus. There were a couple of flatbreads on the side and some pickles. I’d order this again with a group as it was a great sharing dish. I can’t make out the price on the menu photo I’ve found online:

I’ve said it before and others have said it before: the servings at The Snug are HUGE. The shepherd’s pie (about $23), shown up the top and just below is a big, big bowl of tasty gravy and veg (with TVP I believe), topped with a big pile of crispy mash. Hand cut chips were on the side, as well as some slaw and salad. The salad was really good, with a taste cumin dressing and I tried to eat as much of it as I could. But as always, defeated by the sheer enormity of the portion size.

Even without having had the entree, there’s no way I could have finished it:

Okay, here’s where the phone photos come in. On a previous visit with my son (and without my camera), he ordered the battered sausages. The kitchen had run out of sausages and so this was a half serve as it’s all they had left (our bill was reduced accordingly). The sausages are one of the vegan brands available, not sure which but my son enjoyed it regardless (mainly because there weren’t any vegetables):

The chips are the cheesy gravy chips (gluten free, $12). I really liked these and again would order them as part of a group to share:

The most massive meal I have ever been served is this Irish stew ($23). You know a regular size loaf of bread? This loaf was about 3/4 the size of a regular loaf. Jackfruit was used in place of meat, though it was pretty sparse compared to the mountain of veg. I swear, this was so huge that everyone who saw it come out just stopped and gaped. I’m sure there’s someone out there who has eaten the whole thing. Probably a superhero of some sort:

I don’t think I could ever face dessert at The Snug if I’ve eaten a main. Perhaps I should go just for a dessert– banoffles chocolate waffle ($12, gluten free) and the Guiness chocolate mousse with honeycomb and fennel biscotti ($12, gluten free) both sounded great and I’m curious to see if they’re massive serves too.

For the bbq pulled pork entree, a second entree and three mains (not all vegan) without drinks, we paid just under $100.

The Snug have about a million vegan options now. The pub is small compared to St Kilda’s Snug, but that’s really not a problem for me. Service and staff all great and you can see a lot of effort has been made with the vegan menu.

Since that first visit to The Snug in St Kilda, I’ve been impressed with the ever growing vegan options on the menu. Brunswick is closer to me so I don’t anticipate heading down to St Kilda Snug any time soon, but Brunswick’s Snug more than compensates.


Lunch At The Snug Public House In Saint Kilda

The Snug Public House St Kilda

A couple of days ago I read a post in a vegan community on Facebook about The Snug Public House, an Irish pub that opened in July in St. Kilda, serving up vegan fare. The timing was brilliant because we had stuff to do in St. Kilda and I’d been wondering where to take the family. A quick look at the menu online and I knew we had to try it out.

The vegan options appear on the regular menu under the heading “Irish & Pub Fare… But Vegan” along with some vegan ‘V’ (for veganisable) symbols on some other menu items. The vegan options were Shepherd’s Pie; Bangers & Mash; Mushroom and Stout Pie; Irish Parma; The Snug Burger; vegan options for chips, battered sausages and beer battered onion rings. There are even vegan nachos, priced $5 less than the non-vegan option. The menu also says to ask staff about the vegan gluten free options available. Salad comes as a side with some of these items, as well as chips and a slaw with the Shepherd’s Pie. The Mushroom Stout Pie is served with mash, vegetables and a Guinness Gravy. The Guinness used is vegan as it’s made in Australia (the Guinness made in Ireland is not vegan).

It was a tough gig deciding what to get. My daughter chose the vegan option fruit toast ($6.50) described on the menu as “home made Guinness fruit bead lightly toasted and served with our house made nut butter”. Jam was on the side too. I was really surprised when this dish came out because first of all it was massive for what I assumed would be a regular kind of smaller fruit toast (my daughter often orders that and gets more toast like slices), but also because it was beautifully presented with some fruits and a cream on the plate as well. The bread was very filling and we were mercifully able to take our leftover slice home. The picture below shows half the jam gone by this point (my daughter thought chips dipped in jam was a superb combo). Breakfast is served from 7am to 2pm:The Snug Public House St Kilda

I was in a burger mood so I went for the Snug Burger ($24.00), described as “pattie, cheese, lettuce, drunken sticky onion relish, chips, onion rings, house pickles”. It turned out to be a double pattie burger with a basket of chips and stack of onion rings. Fortunately I was wearing stretchy pants. The relish and pickles in the burger were pretty good, so the burger wasn’t dry or too wet. The patties weren’t house made but they will be in future, which is something I look forward to.

The Snug Public House St Kilda

I couldn’t fault the onion rings, I’m usually fussy about my onion rings but these were just right– not greasy, not chewy:

The Snug Public House St Kilda

The chips were served with a vegan mayo and are hand cut at Snug House (not packaged pre-cut). Nice and chunky and when all our food had been brought out, I realised we ordered a biiiit too much:The Snug Public House St Kilda

We all agreed the serving sizes were pretty big!

Staff were very friendly and helpful and we had a great chat about the vegan side of things. More exciting news is that the vegan menu will be appearing in the Brunswick (Sydney Road) Snug House in a couple of months or so, so be sure to keep an eye out for that! I’m really looking forward to Irish pub food closer to home, so I know I will be heading down to Sydney Road’s Snug House when the vegan menu appears. Sydney Road scores AGAIN.

The Brunswick Snug House is smaller than St. Kilda, which we found perfectly okay for our group of four (St. Kilda, that is). There are also some tables outside.

The Snug Public House St KildaThe Snug Public House St Kilda

We were all very happy with our meals and now I’ll just wait for that Shepherd’s Pie to show up at Brunswick.

The Snug Public House

2/12 Fitzroy Street, St. Kilda


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