Wonderbao Bao

I was in the city again yesterday Doing Stuff and was determined to try Wonderbao.  After wandering around aimlessly I finally found it.  And realised I’ve walked past it many times from the outside alley.


The vegan options were ‘Choi bao- shiitake, tofu and vegies’ for $2, ‘Taro bao’ for $1.70 and ‘Fried Silky Tofu Gua bao’ for $3.80.  So what’s a hungry vegan to do?  Get all three!


All three were delicious although I did feel a bit alarmed when I ate the fried tofu bao as I thought “uh oh, does this have egg in it?”  I did specifically ask for vegan as a comment by Wonderbao on their Facebook page said their ‘V’ options were vegan so I am assuming there was no egg.  I hope there was no egg.  I don’t think there was egg.  Looking at my photo I now wonder what the red dot is made from?  I kept the taro bao (on the right in the photo below) last as a sort of dessert:


There’s a bench along the window with seating for about 5 or 6 people but I ate my lunch outside the State Library.  Wonderbao is quite small so people placed their orders then stood outside in a lobby waiting for them. I didn’t wait long and the staff were friendly.  I’d go back again as the bao were all very tasty.

Wonderbao is located at Shop 4/19-31 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne.  Go in to the lobby on A’Beckett street and walk a little ways.  Wonderbao is on your left at the end.  If you’re coming from the Melbourne Central direction, walk down Swanston St and turn left on A’Beckett.  After a very short walk, 19-31 will be on your left.  I think they do cash only (I saw a ‘cash only’ sign but can’t remember now if it was in Wonderbao or somewhere else).