Black Pepper Tofu and the “Hot! Hot!” Jig

I’ve had this recipe for Black Pepper Tofu, over at Where’s The Beef?, bookmarked for a little while.  Yesterday I bought some firm tofu and even though today’s weather forecast is a horrible 41C (105.8F), I thought I’d fire up the wok before it got too hot in the house and make this delicious looking meal.  Here’s a news article about our weather (you might want to have your speakers low as some video plays when you load up the page).

I can’t remember the last time I fried something in oil more than a couple millimetres deep.  I think DeeW was a baby when I made jam donuts so that would be about four years ago.  I use oil in my cooking but only a little splash. Crispy fried tofu is delicious though, so I was more than happy to try this out.

Now as you can probably tell from the recipe, this is spiiiiiiiiiicy.  And because I put in some chilli paste, and only a little at that, it was hoooooooot.  The only thing I didn’t do was add butter or a vegan alternative.  And I added in some carrot for colour. Oh and I used a wok so it was all a stir fry in the end.  Next time I’d leave out the chilli entirely.  I’m not even sure why I put it in but I underestimated the heat of the chilli paste I have.

Anyway, this is really tasty and very very peppery. Some in my family would consider it hot/spicy enough to burn a hole in your stomach.  I don’t usually go for chilli, I find I enjoy meals more when I’m not jiggling up and down because of the heat.  Which is what I did when I had a taste of this and the kids thought it was really funny.  Like this one time, I was flipping channels and that Parker Lewis Can’t Lose show was on.  And I’ve never, ever watched that show but the scene happened to be the father heating pizza in the microwave and then he takes a bite and does the “hot cheese!  hot cheese!” dance.  That was me today.

So yep, a recipe I would make again but I’d completely leave out the chilli and maybe reduce the black pepper by at least half  🙂  Husband doesn’t like tofu but he said the sauce is really good and can I make it next time without… tofu.


8 thoughts on “Black Pepper Tofu and the “Hot! Hot!” Jig

  1. You were brave to give this recipe a shot, under the circumstances! I always find myself padding it with lots of rice to dull the flavour. 🙂

  2. This looks delicious. In the past I did not like tofu, but I am learning to make it so that it is tasty. I like to put tofu in my fried rice now. I love my food hot and spicy so the heat of this would be right up my alley. I regularly use habanero, jalapeno and chilli peppers in my cooking.

  3. I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for ages but no-one at my house likes black pepper apart from me! I should make it just for myself one day as I love spicy peppery food.