Black Pepper Sneaky Tofu With Veg

The other day I blogged about the black pepper tofu I made using the recipe over at Where’s The Beef?  When Husband likes a vegan dish, I grab on to it and put it on regular rotation.  He said the sauce was good but not the tofu and could I make it with potatoes instead next time?  So I did that.  Sort of.

Here’s what I did differently to the recipe:

* boiled some cubed potatoes in advance then blanched green beans when the potatoes had cooked through (then drained them)

* I left out the tofu cubes entirely.  I happened to have about 150g of soft silken tofu.  I mooshed it up with my hands and whisked it up with the black pepper, soy sauce, kecap manis and sugar.  I added about 2Tbs of water as well.  Did not tell Husband about the tofu.

* I reduced the pepper to 1Tbs and left out the chili entirely 🙂

* I reduced the sugar by half and used brown sugar

* omitted the butter (and any vegan alternative)

* I made this as a stir fry so I first fried off both onion varieties then added in the ginger and garlic.  Then threw in some sliced button mushrooms, julienned carrot, trimmed green beans, thinly sliced sticks of green capsicum and red capsicum and sliced celery.  I added a splash of water when it was looking a bit dry

* When all that was nicely cooked I added in the soy/kecap manis/sugar/mooshed/pepper tofu sauce and let it boil up a bit and then served it over plain steamed rice:


So as you can see the sauce is kind of mostly the same-ish although there wasn’t enough for the quantity of veg I had.  With this much veg (enough leftovers for two big meals) I think I need double the amount of sauce but my kecap manis ran out.  This sauce for us is a keeper and I’m glad I can keep using it in a way that Husband likes, even though I’d prefer those crispy tofu chunks.  I could always throw mine in separately but I wanted to up the protein content of this meal, so I’m happy to keep on sneaking it in  😉

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