Global Green Vegetarian Food Mart

One of my favourite stores for vegan goodies is Global Green Vegetarian Food Mart in Braybrook (Sunshine area).  You’ll find loads of vegan and vegetarian Asian foods as well as stuff like Tofutti, Cheezly and Funky Pies (frozen).  There’s a big range of mock meats in different marinades and seasonings and a really good range of dumplings in the freezer.  My favourites are the steamed mutton curry bun which has a lovely spicy filling.  The char siu steamed buns are nice too.

Christine from Global Green, as well as her sister, are always happy to help and answer questions.  Although I try to keep processed foods to a minimum, I am more than happy to visit Global Green and stock up on packets of vegan rendang.  It’s one of my favourite quick easy lazy meals, just add veg and rice and it’s done.

Here are some photos from my visit there the other day, I felt a bit embarrassed pulling the big camera out so I used my phone to take pics.






A few doors down from Global Green is an Asian grocery store.  I loaded up on tofu.  Large bunches of fresh herbs were less than $1.  This store is not vegan/vegetarian but stock a load of things you can use in your vegan kitchen.


Global Green Vegetarian  Food Mart is located at 105 South Road, Braybrook.  It is easily accessible by bus and the Sunshine train station is about a leisurely twenty minute walk away.  There are lots of parking spaces out the front and nearby.

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  1. I’ve been using way less mock meat than I used to so I haven’t been to visit Global Green in such a long time. Vincent Vegetarian Food is another good place to stock up on mock meat although they don’t sell the La Panella pies which I love being able to grab from Global Green rather than heading all the way out to Preston.