Dinner at Yong Green Food (again)

When I visited Yong Green Food last week, I took a menu home so I could work out what I’d have next time.  Next time was tonight and I stuck with my plan of the Korean BBQ served with biodynamic brown rice and kimchi.  Dessert was the raw lemon cheesecake.

I was so hungry and in a rush to eat that I didn’t bother fixing wayward grains of rice:




My friend ordered the raw Pad Thai kelp noodles and raw fudge for dessert:



I liked my Korean BBQ meal but would have preferred a little more zing to it.  I was expecting flavours to come out and punch me more, you know?  The kimchi was good.  Don’t get me wrong, the Korean BBQ was nice, just not something I’d order again but that’s okay because I was watching and smelling lovely looking dishes going past.  My veggies were just the way I like them which is with a good amount of crunch without being completely raw. The raw lemon cheesecake was pretty good although if it was served with a lemon wedge I would have used it all up  😛

My friend’s raw fudge was a surprise for both of us as we didn’t expect something so chocolatey.  She isn’t in to chocolate and would not have ordered this if she’d known it was… chocolatey.  We both assumed a different kind of fudge but I guess we shouldn’t have assumed  🙂  I had a bit and it was nice but not something I would personally refer to as a Fudge.  But hey, different strokes for different folks, right?  It was still pretty good.

After dinner we caught the tram in to the city to catch a free comedy debate at Fed(eration) Square.  The topic was “Australian TV is much better than we think”.  Pretty funny stuff and we had lots of laughs.  Who remembers channel 0/28?!


Yong Green Food is located at 421 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.


4 thoughts on “Dinner at Yong Green Food (again)

  1. Ahh, this is one of the places we tried when in Melbourne recently – it came recommended for us by the friends we were staying with, because it had a mix of raw and cooked, etc. I probably wouldn’t return – the portions were small, the food expensive, and the overall, the flavours were quite bland, especially for what was billed as “korean” on the menu!

    • Heh 🙂 I have tried Korean BBQ before I was vegan so I wasn’t sure if I was missing something here, because I haven’t tried all that many Korean dishes. The non-vegan things I tried had so much flavour and zing and that’s what I was hoping for with my meal at Yong. I really liked my Japanese curry last week though and the tiramisu 🙂