Lunch at Wide Open Road

My sister and I recently had lunch at Wide Open Road.  I recommended the smashed peas on sourdough with wild rice tabouleh and maple walnuts, which I blogged about after my previous visit to Wide Open Road.  As this was my third visit to Wide Open Road, I opted for something I hadn’t tried yet, even though I was again tempted by the slow cooked cannellini beans.  I went for the apple slaw sandwich with avocado and beetroot.  As I was eating it I thought “why don’t my sandwiches turn out this good?”  Maybe because I rarely make sandwiches at home?



Wide Open Road is located at 274 Barkly Street, Brunswick.  See their website for more details:

2 thoughts on “Lunch at Wide Open Road

  1. As a vegan you seem to have a good many choices of places to eat out. That is not the case for me here in the Capital District of Upstate NY. I found one Pizzeria-restaurant that does offer vegan versions of almost everything on the menu. Mostly though, eating out with friends is a challenge for me. The one vegan bakery I know about offers about one eighth of what you get at Mr. Nice Guy. This presents a marvelous opportunity for me to start a vegan restaurant, but I really don’t feel like going into the restaurant business.