Baked Tofu and the Birdmen

For me, baked tofu is one of those things where I love it for a little while, then I’m over it.  Weeks later I remember it again and make some, then I’m over it.  And so the cycle continues.

I was digging it this week so I marinated some pressed firm tofu in kecap manis, garlic, ginger and sesame oil then fried it on a griddle pan.  I made lettuce leaf wraps with spiralised raw carrot and zucchini:


And for the the leftover tofu I made a simple salad with the Asian Miracle Dressing from Vegan Lunch box, which is made up of balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, sesame oil, soy sauce, olive oil and maple syrup:


Let me explain the flag that DeeW insisted be in the photo. Husband had taken DeeW in to the city and they lasted ten minutes at the Moomba parade (because of the heat and crowds, although I secretly believe Husband couldn’t handle the tacky element).  Moomba is an annual festival held in Melbourne, first celebrated in 1955.  My goodness, I just read the Wikipedia page and had no idea about the buttocks theory.  Anyway, when I was young, the highlight of Moomba was the Birdman Rally, where people would create some ‘flying’ contraptions (more like things that involved flapping one’s arms) and then seeing who could jump off a platform and ‘fly’ the furthest.  Most of the time people flew straight down in to the Yarra River.  I don’t know you guys, Moomba these days just doesn’t seem to have the magic it once did.  Although after reading the Wikipedia bit about bums, I think the magic may be back.


4 thoughts on “Baked Tofu and the Birdmen

  1. That all looks so absolutely fresh and delicious! I’ve wanted a spiraliser for so long. Also love the way you’ve done the tofu… yum! Shamefully, I used to try microwaving my tofu at work in the microwave. It wasn’t overly appealing. Then I discovered the sandwich grill and made a huge mess 😉