Another Delayed What I Ate This Week

Yet again, I have found photos of food from the past three weeks or so that haven’t made it to the blog yet.  I can’t really remember when I ate all this stuff but here goes!

First up, Bastille Day!  I was too disorganised to put on a French feast.  I like to tie in national days or days like Enid Blyton day with Arthur and DeeW’s schooling. I also skipped doing a Fourth of July (I hope it was a good one for my American readers!) as the kids weren’t home.  Anyway, here’s my lazy attempt at French cookery, thanks to the frozen section of the supermarket… voila:


I made a baklava using hazelnuts and walnuts.  For the syrup I put in some of that Sweet Freedom syrup as I have a bottle in the pantry that never gets used


My mum made burghul, peas and corn (with onion, olive oil and a little tomato paste), roast pumpkin and sweet potato and cooked baby beets:


I provided dessert,  Lebanese sweets from the fabulous Al Nada in Coburg:


I also bought these sweets from another shall-not-be-named place in Brunswick.  It’s a place that has had really good writeups and have vegan options.  I believe in giving such places a second chance and I’d go back.  But my first visit there was utterly disappointing.  Chairs all up on tables half an hour before closing time on a Sunday, had to wait outside because the music was so loud that I had trouble hearing the guy behind the counter and these cakes… well they were quite obviously days old (two of them at least) and difficult to swallow because they were so dry.  I had to dunk mine in tea just to soften them up to make them more edible:


Leftover burghul with the Macro brand barley and sweet potato puffs.  I like them, the kids don’t:


I’ve never really taken to polenta.  To me, it tastes like nothing.  Does that make sense?  No matter what flavours are added to it, for me the underlying flavour is a nothing flavour.  Anyway, I’ve always wanted to try polenta chips.  First I cooked the polenta on the stove with some stock, plant milk, salt, pepper then added nutritional yeast when I took it off the heat.  Spread it in to a cake tin and put it in the fridge overnight, then pan fried the next day.  The kids didn’t like it and I wasn’t that keen either, though I did like the crispyness:


I cooked some roast vegies with coconut oil.  I always use olive oil but I’m now moving more towards using no oil for cooking unless it’s coconut oil:


I had some lemongrass and decided to make a Vietnamese tofu veg stir fry with lemongrass, garlic and ginger as that flavour combo is what I have always chosen in Vietnamese restaurants. My version was not so great.  The versions I buy are often quite oily and I didn’t want that, and they’re quite sweet which I didn’t want either.  I did end up using a little coconut sugar and then I decided there wasn’t enough liquid so I plopped in some coconut milk.  Sometimes I just get silly like that, like the time I accidentally used an Italian flavoured can of diced tomatoes in an Indian curry (surprisingly, the basil and oregano weren’t all that bad…):


We went to the Preston Market where I stuffed myself on hot jam donuts…




I was in the mood for a hotdog so I bought these vegan sausages.  They were okay but it was really just to satisfy a craving and I’m not keen on eating seitan (made with pure wheat gluten, I want to avoid gluten most of the time but I’ve been pretty bad lately):



I made a blueberry vanilla cake and served mine warm with a little soy icecream:


I took DeeW to the Chiba Japanese food store on Puckle Street in Moonee Ponds, and we got these California rolls:


This was our view:


And here’s a view of someone’s bin when we went for a walk to the library.  I was SO tempted to draw a face on the bin:


Look!  We do eat healthy:


I tried Bo De Trai in Footscray.  I ordered the lemongrass chilli tofu with plain steamed rice.  I was so disappointed that this was a dry spice rubbed kind of tofu, instead of something that comes with a little sauce, like every other lemongrass chili dish I’ve ever tried in Vietnamese cafes.  Silly me, I should have checked:


Mum made a big batch of kritharaki in the oven.  I love that she now makes this vegan:


I made some blueberry breakfast muffins:


This is the orange sesame tofu recipe from one of Dreena Burton’s books.  Arthur really likes it and actually asks for me to make it!  Folks, that itself is a massive achievement, trust me.  I had mine in some salad:


A smoothie of… something.  Well, I know it has frozen banana and spinach in it.  I think this also had lemon, orange and hemp protein in it:


The spicoli burgers by Dreena Burton.  I really liked these but those kids of mine,  gahhh.  WHY DON’T THEY LIKE THE EASY PEASY RECIPES THAT REQUIRE MINIMAL EFFORT????


I found this tea cup in Savers for about 90 cents.  I guess it was cheap for a Royal Albert cup because there was no saucer.  But I found the matching saucer in a local op shop!  So I have this tennis set for under $5, I’ve seen this same set sell for over $50 on eBay.  On the plate you see some wafers (the Napolitanke ones are vegan) and the almond speculaas biscuits from Aldi, also vegan:


A tofu eggplant curry on brown rice:


I made the blackened tofu recipe by Dreena Burton, with some of her autumn puree and French lentils on the side.  I loved it all, but those kids of mine…


The tofu pakora are from ages ago.  They were okay but I won’t make them again:


I met up with friends at Melbourne University on what turned out to be a lovely day:







And here is Australia On Collins, a retail area.  I had a mad urge to throw stuff at these massives balls of yarn decoration, because I’m a bit crazy-cool that way:


Hopefully next week’s recap with be on time…

8 thoughts on “Another Delayed What I Ate This Week

  1. Great round up of interesting food – the bastille day meal made me laugh – I tried those sausages – they were nice but not the bratwurst I expected – I am sorry you missed the chance to photoshop a face onto the bin and I love the look of the burgers (but sylvia wouldn’t eat them)

  2. The first photo had me laughing…LOL The baklava looks delicious! How did it taste? I see that you eat quite a bit of soy. I actually stay away from soy as much as possible.

    I like polenta. I eat it with tomato sauce over it. Or sometimes I just slice it, season it up and fry it. I will eat it like that with vegetables.

    Great post, as usual.

  3. That’s so lovely your mum now makes vegan kritharaki for you 🙂 I’m working on a vegetarian/vegan youvetsi recipe at the moment. Risoni is such gorgeous comfort food…

    That tree in the bin is so effing funny. I’m sorry but I can’t stop laughing at it (and I think I’d die if it had a face on it).

  4. I like your attempt at French cooking. 😉 My husband loves polenta (it’s a childhood thing) but I’m not totally sold on it. Lots of yummy food pics here. I would like to trade places with you for a bit and try some new stuff! 🙂

    • All my Italian friends loved polenta, I really hope I can get in to it one day. The kids too, those polenta chips were pretty easy to make and would make a good snack!