Lunch at Gluttony It’s A Sin, Collingwood

Husband and I were passing through Collingwood today and as luck would have it, I very recently read about a cafe called Gluttony It’s A Sin and their vegan menu.  There are non vegan items too and I always like a thoughtful vegan menu as it means Husband and I can both find something we like.

The vegan menu has dishes that all cost $17.  The options were (and my memory is faulty here) a Japanese noodle dish, a gnocchi and pan fried veg dish, a portabello mushrooms dish and the coconut veg curry with Indian bread, which is what I ordered:


Although I’d never eat a curry-rice dish with bread at home,  I have to say this bread was delicious.  I used it to mop up the last bits of the curry.  The curry itself was fine, sweet without being too sweet though admittedly the presence of peas and corn kernels was a bit of a surprise (only because I never put them in my curries.  Peas maybe but definitely not corn).  But not a bad surprise as I very much enjoyed this piping hot curry on a cold Melbourne day.

The layout of Gluttony is just right, spacious enough not to be squished too close to people at the next table.  Staff were friendly and I liked that the music volume was low.  Always a plus in my book as I caaaan’t staaaaand loud music in eateries.



When we were done it was back to the car and off to finish our errands for the day.





Gluttony It’s a Sin is located at 278 Smith Street, Collingwood.

2 thoughts on “Lunch at Gluttony It’s A Sin, Collingwood

  1. Love peas in curry – haven’t been to gluttony for ages – always associated it with cakes so it is good to see it has lots of good savoury dishes – great photos too