Vegan MoFo 2013

That’s right kids, Vegan Month of Food is back for another year!   A whole month of vegan food blogging from around the world.  If you’re a blogger who wants to sign up you can do so here.

So earlier today, I said to myself no I will not do Vegan MoFo.  It means lots of blogging and lately my blogging time and mojo has been pretty hard to find… but then I got to thinking how I’ve been considering going oil free, or at least close-to-zero-oil for a month just to see how I feel.  Then there’s going gluten free too.  And then I thought well hey, how many times have I determined to go mostly-raw for another trial period? I went mostly raw for three weeks once and felt absolutely fantastic, I never ever knew I could actually sleep so incredibly well by changing my diet.  Soooo I am probably going to do it and have a theme of ‘doing a combination of raw gluten free and cooked but the cooked has no oil and most of my daily intake is raw‘.  Which sounds… well, stupid really.  But I have been wanting to go gluten free and mostly-raw and no oil so why not make a weird combination?  I have some fantastic raw cookbooks and I guess it’s about time I did something about it.

With the warmer months approaching, I think doing a mostly raw, or even a half raw, will help me get back in to healthier eating (I’m a winter pudding girl… and winter pie girl and as we speak I’ve just polished off a double individual serve of a home made microwave self saucing pudding) and hopefully by the time summer arrives I’ll have eased myself back in to eating mostly raw.  I am a big believer in food making us feel good or crap.  From my own past experience, going mostly raw saw improvements in my energy levels, skin, sleep, bowel stuff and dark circles.  I felt so fantastic that I then immediately began feeling crap because I felt “how awful that all this time I could have felt great by food alone but I settled for feeling crap as being the normal state”.

Although I’ve eaten this way before with no problem whatsoever, I do admit that right now I am finding it hard to commit!  September is the first month of spring here and still quite cool and that means HOT PUDDINGS.  Waaah! I have put on a couple of kilos over winter (like I said, PUDDINGS) and feeling a bit blah in general and I’m quite confident that is diet related.  Let’s see if I can turn that around in September and chart my progress for you all, my groovy readership buddies.


Okay,  I’ll press send, finish the whole sign up thing and see if I feel enthused after I’ve gone through my recipes and made a list!  Hopefully, if I go through with it all, the Vegan MoFo 2013 blog posts of mine will be of use to others considering including more oil-free and raw vegan foods in their diet.

11 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo 2013

  1. Yay, you’re doing MoFo! I’m glad you decided to sign up and will be interested to check out your raw gluten free foods as I haven’t really dabbled in that area of cooking or is that non-cooking? Great to have another Melburnian on board!

  2. I signed up over the weekend. My first time! I’m going with a gluten-free theme. I would like to extend my gluten-free baking repertoire. Actually, I would like to just develop a repertoire! I’m a novice.
    I look forward to reading your MoFo posts. Have you done it before?

  3. Yay That is exciting you are doing it! I decided I would do a theme this year but need to remember to sign up – will put it on a post it for tomorrow 🙂 It is great to have another friendly face (well blog) doing mofo. I too am a bit wary of the committment as I had planned to be all organised for Oct and then it suddenly is sept when all my planning was to be done but I have been thinking about it and have enjoyed it the last 2 years so onwards and upwards1

    • Glad to hear you might be doing it! I’m about to sit down with a big pile of cookbooks for inspiration but not feeling inspired… might need a cup of tea and Aldi biscuits to help me along…

  4. I LOVE your blog. You have me in fits of laughter!! I live in the SE suburbs of Melbourne – so Love seeing your pictures and writing out and about in Melbourne. I only eliminated dairy/eggs/honey etc a few months ago, and your blog makes me feel like I’m not a weirdo!!! 🙂
    I ALWAYS look forward to reading your new posts – THANK YOU!!!