The National Hotel, Richmond

Today Husband and I met an old friend for lunch at the National Hotel in Richmond.  As there were quite a few people in the party, a venue was chosen to suit everyone.  I had looked at the menu online and quite a few things seemed suitable.  The actual menu only seemed to listed one vegan option (as in, the word ‘vegan’ was printed) so that’s what I went for: the Thai veg green curry:

the national hotel thai green curry

This was nice and spicy, with a smaller bowl of rice on the side.  Now, as I’m watching my portion sizes this smaller bowl of rice was fine.  But when I’m in my non-portion-size-watching mindset, I’d think more rice was needed.

The National, or the ‘Nash’ as my dad would say– he used to work nearby and he and his colleagues would go to the Nash often.  Dad even found rabbit poos in his salad, but that was twenty years ago– is quite spacious with tables set well apart.  There’s an outdoor undercover area and the old school style toilet blocks are outside. Staff were friendly and I think everyone enjoyed their meals (vegetarian and omni).  All in all, a good option for a nice Sunday lunch.

The National Hotel is located at 344 Victoria Street, Richmond. We ordered our food at the bar and paid straight away.

3 thoughts on “The National Hotel, Richmond

  1. How did you dad know they were rabbit poos – were they listed in the menu – ha ha!

    There is a national hotel in Geelong that is known as the Nash but I don’t know the one in richmond – sounds like it worth a visit

    • I asked my dad about the rabbit poo today, he said he actually never went back for a meal after that! Plus it was too close to his work and they weren’t allowed to be seen going to the pub so they had to find another place 😛