Hello From The New Look Veganopoulous.com !

Mr Portokalos

Hi folks and welcome to the new look Veganopoulous! I have a shiny new address and a sparkly new ‘do. I’ve cleaned out many ridiculous tags and categories (man, WHAT was I thinking with some of them? Like ‘weight loss’. BWAHAHA) and I’ve added some more pages on the menu underneath my banner.

For my new improved (hopefully!) version of Veganopoulous, I’ve provided pages directing you to the main themes in my blogging. Although I started this blog to document my family’s vegan journey, it gradually grew to include more of my interests, like second hand shopping, walking around Melbourne, restaurant reviews and of course, family. Those posts saw some pretty good view stats and requests for more. As I enjoyed writing them, I decided to make them more of a theme.  So you can think of this blog as Vegan-Op(shop)-Oulous:  the Vegan, the Op Shopper and the Greek recipes!

Now it’s time to celebrate! Greek celebrations involve sweets so my gift to you is my family’s recipe for Melomakarona, which I’ll post right after this.  Of course, my version of these Greek (no) honey walnut cakes is vegan.

As always, you can catch me on Twitter at @Veganopoulous!

12 thoughts on “Hello From The New Look Veganopoulous.com !

    • Thanks! And yes you are the first 🙂 I still have to fudge around with some settings so I hope things are working okay for everyone!

  1. Well I guess I had better be updating my blogroll! Love the new look. Great header and love the font of Veganopoulous. Well done. I am off to check out your cakes and have a little browse

    (Just tried the authentication using openid and it wont accept my comment so will try it without)

    • Thank you! Thanks for letting me know about OpenID, yikes I didn’t realise it wasn’t working properly!

  2. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new blog design. It is a lot more eye catching, colorful, HAPPY, and very professional!

    Good job!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks! There are still some commenting problems and other link issues to fix but net access is slowww because we went over our quota!

    • Thanks! There’ll be more op shop/vintage stuff. That’s a Johnson Brothers teacup in my header image 🙂