Dumplings at ShanDong MaMa, City

ShanDong MaMa

ShanDong MaMa has been on my to do list for quite a while.  I love dumplings and sure, I can make my own, but the problem is a) I’m lazy; b) I’m impatient and c) I’m greedy.   This means that whenever I’ve made dumplings, I end up eating them straight from the pan instead of serving them all together.

I’ve read reviews about the vegan dumplings from ShanDong Mama and I was on a tram going by Bourke Street so the choice for a lunch venue was pretty clear!  ShanDong MaMa is located in the Mid City Centre arcade:

Midcity Centre arcade

I asked the waitress for the vegan dumplings.  I didn’t wait for a menu (remember folks, impatient and greedy) and I was asked if I wanted the dumplings boiled or pan fried.  Pan fried all the way thanks, I want those crispy bits!

A glass of tea and the bill arrived while I waited:

ShanDong MaMa

The dumplings took about ten minutes before they were slapped down in front of me tennis-lob style.  At first bite, I knew I would just inhale the rest.   The dumplings are called vegan zucchini dumplings on the menu and are filled with tofu, zucchini (of course), black fungus, rice noodles, coriander and ginger.  Really light, refreshing flavours. There are some sauces and chilli on the tables:

ShanDong MaMa

I visited at around 1:30 so the lunch rush was over and there were a few free tables. I didn’t get a photo of the inside as I was too close to other people, sorry! I noticed a family with a toddler sitting in a booth, but the stroller was left outside so keep that in mind if you have a pram. The entry door was flat and wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. After being seated you can order your meal at the table then pay at a counter. I don’t recall seeing toilets but I admit I was more focused on my food than looking around.  There might be toilets in the mall outside.

I paid $12.80 for twelve dumplings. I didn’t bother asking for a menu because I was there for those dumplings!

Have you visited ShanDong MaMa and had a vegan dish other than the dumplings?

ShanDong MaMa

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ShanDong MaMa

Shop 7, 200 Bourke Street (in the Mid CIty Arcade)


03 9650 3818 (they do not take bookings)


14 thoughts on “Dumplings at ShanDong MaMa, City

  1. those dumplings sound excellent – I am with you on the crispy bits of panfried dumplings and if I get organised to go to the city perhaps I will get there – went in yesterday for open house but was too chaotic to do much in the way of seeking out new places – had wondered if you were off at open house too

    • yep I went yesterday and today 🙂 Took one look at the queue for the Supreme Court and went to Lord of the Fries instead 😛

      • I went to the Supreme Court a couple of years ago and enjoyed it but although it was busy they were encouraging me to sign up for underground tours even though they were technically booked out – I wish I had done that but I think at the time it seemed too much waiting around

  2. I believe the scallion pancakes are vegan – they’re our favourite thing on the menu with maximum crunchy-fried bits. I tend to order steamed dumplings to counteract them.

  3. Scallion pancakes are vegan, as well as the cabbage salad which is great with the dumplings. I haven’t had the fried ones yet, I always just inhale a plateful of the boiled ones which are sublime…I grabbed some dumplings between visiting OpenHouse buildings and my volunteer shift at Open House.

    • Thanks! I have to go back and try the boiled dumplings version, just to check if they’re as good as the fried ones of course…

  4. <3 dumplings and bao zis, they are my favorite street food anywhere in Asia! Did they indicate ‘vegan’ on their menu? I tend to avoid non-vegan dimsum places that don’t label their items vegan.

    • I don’t think they labelled anything vegan, but I know now there are two other dishes that are supposedly vegan. I’m always a bit scared to try though!