What I Ate: I Keep Forgetting To Blog This Stuff

Funky pie

Here’s a look back at what I had this week, starting with my Funky Pie up there. It’s the G’Day Satay flavour, the one where I get too greedy to wait for it to cool down so I burn myself and start flapping my hands to cool my mouth, all the while jerking my head around in malfunctioning robot chicken style. See the hole? That’s where I stuck my impatient finger (and burnt it too).

Do you think this hazelnut choc smoothie looks mighty tasty? Look closer and you will see back bits in it.  Those black bits are thanks to my Blendtec crapping itself and the rubber seal coming off and getting whizzed up. Sure, the blender drive shaft was smoking and I had to open the window but I thought the actual smoothie would be okay.  Instead I spat out rubber bits, after I’d swallowed a mouthful. What a waste of home made hazelnut milk. Life without my blender sucks:

hazelnut smoothie

We went back to the Coburg Farmers Market and I headed straight for Dr Marty’s Crumpets:

dr martys crumpets

I had another during the week with a coconut syrup spread. Maybe another with home made cumquat jam.  Aaaaaand maybe another with golden syrup:

crumpet with coconut spread

I made Arthur and myself a pumpkin pie smoothie with banana, cooked pumpkin, cinnamon and ginger. With a stick blender. I WANT MY BLENDER BACK WAAAAAAH:

pumpkin pie smoothie

I bought this piece of raw passionfruit cheesecake from Habib Wholefoods in the city.  Can you imagine the agony of having to wait until I got home to eat it, because I forgot to ask for a spoon??? I usually eat my treats on the tram ride home. You know, before the family see them:

raw passionfruit cheesecake

I made some mac n cheese as part of a taste test for a new vegan cheese on the market.  Fab comfort food… that one balances on the back of the couch because the rest of the house had zero natural light:

mac n cheese

I usually only make porridge for Arthur and DeeW but on this day I needed to use up those toasted almonds, so I figured why not make myself some porridge too. With golden syrup of course:


Birthday girl chose this honeycomb topped cake from Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop:

Mister Nice Guys cake

I had a bunch of veg and coriander to use up.  That usually always means curry:

veg curry

I buy these steamed dumplings from Global Green Vegetarian Food Mart. Every time I have some I’m all blergh why do I buy these? I mean, they’re fine and all. But I just think “hmmm I really could have made the effort to make something with veggies on the side”. So I vow not to buy them ever again.  But I always do.  Hell, even looking at this photo has made me decide to go have some:

steamed dumplings

I did some recipe testing for the blog, vegan Greek stuffed vegetables (yemista) with Greek beans on the side (fasolakia):

Greek beans veg

I made a batter of nutritional (savoury) yeast mixed with chickpea flour, onion powder, garlic powder and water. I coated chunks of tofu and fried them with a tiny amount of oil in my cast iron pan:

battered tofu


Okay, off to eat those steamed dumplings now and regret it later. And buy more on the weekend…

12 thoughts on “What I Ate: I Keep Forgetting To Blog This Stuff

  1. Not the Blendtec! Hopefully it’s not out of action for too long – I was reminded that I need to buy a fancy blender when I made the cashew cheese from Quinces and Kale this week. I ended up having to use my 20 year old hand blender, that’s on its last legs.

    Where do you buy Funky Pies? I thought they were only in Sydney (or am I thinking of something else?).

    • I get my Funky Pies from Global Green Veg Food Mart in Sunshine but they’re also at Cruelty Free Shop. Life without a power blender is trying! 😛

  2. Sounds quite dramatic with your blender! I don’t have good luck with blenders. A while ago I invested in a high speed one but it’s not as good as I expected. Also I kind of damaged it by shaking it around in frustration while the motor was running, oops! Love the look of all your food. Passionfruit cheesecake, yum! And the Greek stuffed veggies look amazing. Must try doing tofu in chickpea flour batter too. And I also love funky pies 🙂

    • My current problem is not finding a suitable box to send off my blender jug 😛 The tofu in chickpea flour batter is really simple 🙂

  3. Oh that is bad about your blender – I keep meaning to buy one but somehow it just seems too hard and I stick with my hand held blender. Those dumplings look like they have prawns in them which just seems so wrong but I am struggling to remember the dumplings I have in the freezer – am not good at ideas for serving them or I make fried rice and forget about them. Want some of those muffins – went to geelong farmers market this weekend because it was just that sort of crazy one. the tofu in nutritional yeast batter looks so delicious as does mr nice guy’s cake and the yemista and everything

    • ha thanks! I didn’t make it to the farmers market this weekend, went to Finders Keepers instead and need to blog about it but having trouble adding photos. Grrr blog probs!