Lunch at Blue Buddha Cafe, North Melbourne

Blue Buddha Cafe

Blue Buddha Cafe has very recently opened right near the Queen Vic Market. Naturally, it went straight to the top of my To Do list. I’m still blown away by the ever increasing vegan friendly (or vegan specific) food places that are popping up in Melbourne. Ditto for raw vegan, especially desserts!

Blue Buddha is not a big place but it’s chilled out and unpretentious. While I waited for my meal it was a nice space to hang out in. There are books along the walls you can browse through and shelving at the back stocking a number of items:

Blue Buddha Cafe

There’s a larger table and seating on benches along the walls. There are a few milk crates with cushions along the window, presumably for people waiting for a takeaway order. Blue Buddha’s Facebook page says they use recycled chairs, tables and crockery.

A blackboard presented me with three very tempting offers. There was a tofu udon miso dish with shiitake bacon ($12) and a Mexican beans with avocado, cashew cheese, capsicum spread with corn chips (I think it was also $12). I settled for the chickpea and sweet potato ‘Kormalicious’ on GMO-free Himalayan rice ($12). This is vegan or you can order it with the optional dollop of dairy yoghurt. I had to give points for the decent amount of coriander.I’m a coriander fiend and always feel a bit bummed when some places serve you those wee bits of chopped fresh coriander or a few artfully placed leaves. Pile on the coriander, and I’m happy (though if it’s not your thing, you can obviously not eat it, which is why you might be glad that Blue Buddha don’t chop it up):

Blue Buddha Cafe

My meal was very tasty and filling, with nice mellow spices. Nothing was overpowering. Yep, I ate all the coriander.

The raw desserts looked and sounded fab. I thought I’d have a tough time choosing but the raw peanut butter and chocolate cake ($6) was the winner. This was amazingly good. . Anyway, you know how when something is so good, you sit and savour every mouthful slowly? HA. Not me. I just shove it all in. I even sat there spending some brain processing time working out how I could eat as much of the sauce as possible without licking the plate:

Blue Buddha Cafe

Blue Buddha Cafe

Blue Buddha also have smoothies and toasties. Organic and Fair Trade coffee too. I felt that everything on offer was very well thought out.

The meals up on the board are seasonal so I’m keen to see what else will be available in the future! For a first visit, I was pretty impressed. Service was great and I like it when I can walk in to a place and feel relaxed.

To get there, walk down Victoria Street with the Vic Market on your right. Turn left on O’Connell Street (at the pub) and look out for the Blue Buddha mural: it’s right there near the corner. I never know if this is West Melbourne or North Melbourne!

Blue Buddha Cafe
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Blue Buddha Cafe

30/1 O’Connell Street

West Melbourne

8395 0699
Facebook page for Blue Buddha Cafe

14 thoughts on “Lunch at Blue Buddha Cafe, North Melbourne

  1. The peanut butter raw dessert looks delicious, I wish I could make things like that but I would eat them all in one go…..

    • Ha! Me too! Especially things like protein or energy balls, AS IF those things will last in my freezer…

  2. Wow that sounds amazing – I would avoid the coriander but sounds easy – otherwise I just wish the place was closer to me – though it might be just a bit tempting – but this is a great reason to head to the vic market – has been too long

    • I think I’ll go for the tofu miso udon one next and another raw dessert but man the peanut butter cup was good!

  3. Oooh! I love everything about this place! The decor is gorgeous and your selection of dishes sound like just my kind of thing – especially that dessert 😀 I too was delighted by the increase in vegan / raw places in Australia (Perth in my case) before we moved. It seemed to be trendy all of a sudden – but if that is what it takes, I’m not complaining!

  4. Gosh, you’re quick off the mark! Raw food doesn’t excite me much but the other menu items you’ve mentioned definitely catch my interest.