Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery, Preston

* Sadly, Mad Cowgirls is now closed *

Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery

I’ve visited Mad Cowgirls a few times now and thought it was about time for a proper blog post. As Daiya vegan cheese has just arrived in Australia, I decided I’d better get down to Mad Cowgirls before others beat me to it and make off with my Daiya stash.

Grab a basket. Otherwise you might be like me, all “I’m only here to get a couple of things”. Then halfway through you have to go and get a basket to carry the many things:

Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery

Your starting point. Go!

Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery

Mad Cowgirls have a good range of vegan sausages, hotdogs, slices and burger patties. I bought some Tofurky sausages but haven’t tried them yet:

Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery

Some of the sweeter stuff:

Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery

Other vegan pantry items:

Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery

The store also has reading material, toiletries and personal care items:

Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery

Owners Beri and Pearl are always very helpful and happy to answer your questions. Although to date I have dropped in when I’m in the Preston area, it’s certainly at the top of my list for a go-to store. I like to support vegan businesses, especially those that care about their customers (and animals!) and for this reason I am prepared to pay a little extra here. I want the vegan businesses to stick around and I’d love to see more support for them!Β It’s not as easy for them as it is for (obviously) the bigger stores that can sell vegan products for less Β πŸ™‚


Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery

Shop 2/93 High Street


0425 399 533 B/H

Facebook page has more info:Β

9 thoughts on “Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery, Preston

  1. This is a place I keep meaning to visit so please keep reminding me – It looks so much nicer a place to shop than the soulless supermarkets – and I am sure I would find lots of interesting stuff to buy. I tried the biocheese and really liked it so would be interested to try the daiya too.

  2. Yes, it’s a wonder I didn’t bump into you while I was there! They also had a stock of Provamel chocolate soy drink and chocolate AND vanilla custards. We love that stuff. I haven’t been able to find it ANYWHERE in Melbourne recently, so I’m glad it’s back. When we were in Sydney the Cruelty Free Shop had it in stock so we brought a bagful home with us.

  3. That is one hell of an amazing grocery store! I’ve heard about Daiya cheese in Australia last week and that is simply great news! I <3 Tofurky products, they make good meat alternatives in sandwiches!

  4. Hi there. Such a lovely review and I don’t even know who you are! Please say hi and introduce yourself next time you’re in. Pearl and I are so very grateful for your support. More Daiya, Tofurky and BioCheese this week.. πŸ™‚