Will My Kids Eat It? White Bean Dip With Stuff In The Fancy Dish


Ahhhh, dips. So simple, so tasty and so (potentially) nutritious. Naturally, my kids won’t eat any of it.

I can not begin to tell you how much I wish Arthur and DeeW loved dips. I can sit and dream about giving them a bowl of hummus and some veg sticks while I sneak off to watch The Sullivans.

They’ve tried hummus before (and I offer it to them every time I make it) but this time I decided to use canned white beans. Mostly because we have an entire pantry shelf of canned white beans, thanks to a shopping list miscommunication of massive proportions.

So for this dip, I used canned butter beans, a little garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. This was also an experiment to see if Arthur and DeeW would eat a zaatar. Another dream of mine is to sit around with them eating dips and zaatar breads. And falafel. Arthur once found my bag of falafel when he was two and ate them all. I tell you that was a happy day. Alas he never ate falafel again.

I had to be sneaky about this so I broke out Fancy Dish. Fancy Dish was a present to my parents for their wedding (or engagement) in the late 60s. I thought Fancy Dish may provide enough distraction to help re-route the “ewwwwwww this is gross” brain signals to the “MAN THIS STUFF ROCKS!!!” neural pathways.

bean dip zaatar

DID THEY FALL FOR THE FANCY DISH BAIT AND SWITCH? (Arthur, age ten and DeeW, age nearly-seven)

DeeW: “Plain zaatar is very nice. Zaatar in the dip isn’t good. The dip is not that much tasty with some foods dipped in it. The plain carrot is very tasty but not in the dip. Sorry for being rude. The crackers plain are very nice and nice in the dip. But I don’t really like the dip.”

Arthur: “The zaatar bread base is good but not the top. I don’t like the dip or the crackers. If I had to choose one thing I don’t like, it would be the taste”.

I’m not ready to give up on dips yet. Dips are just too fabulous for me to admit defeat any time soon. I might try again with a sweeter fruit dip as Arthur likes plain applesauce that I make myself. Or perhaps a sweeter veg dip with something like sweet potato. Wish me luck guys, I’m goin’ in.

18 thoughts on “Will My Kids Eat It? White Bean Dip With Stuff In The Fancy Dish

  1. I looked at your platter, thought it looked delicious but I know Sylvia would eat the stuff on the platter (with some scrapping off of the zaatar on the bread) but the dip would not do it unless bought hummus. Do they ever dip their food into anything? eg dip chips into tomato sauce or mayo – then you could perhaps make dips with those in them? Love fancy dish!

    • my mum got rid of fancy dish in her decluttering spree, she has two the same and says she’s probably used them a handful of times since the late 60s. I decided I didn’t want them either, because I’m trying to declutter here too. But I had second thoughts and so far in the past six months I’ve used them a handful of times so that’s pretty good innings so far! As for the kids, the only dip type thing is chips in tomato sauce :/ Not even mayo!

  2. This is an amazing kid line: “If I had to choose one thing I don’t like, it would be the taste.” I laughed out loud and startled my cats. For what it’s worth, I would LOVE to have eaten this!

  3. ah … kids:) I was lucky, my daughter loved dips – but there was hell to pay if one food touched another on her plate!!!! They all have their little foibles, don’t they – and the taste – well, you can change the taste, but the texture, that you’re stuck with. Good luck:)

    • Thanks! I live in hope because when I met my picky eater husband he would no go anywhere near anything remotely spicy or ‘hot’ (though to me his hot was ‘mild’). Now he has burning hot chili sauces and vindaloo which I can’t handle!