Product Review: TANDA Candles (And Liptember in September!)

TANDA Candles

When I have some time alone, I like to have a nice candle going or an oil burner with some of my favourite essential oils. Lately I’ve been looking around for some vegan candles, so I was really pleased when I came across TANDA.

TANDA use 100% pure soy wax with wicks made of natural soft wood. All components of the candles are vegan, kosher, sustainably grown and animal friendly. Another plus is that TANDA is a local business, being based in Melbourne.

September is Liptember time (wow, how did that come around so fast again?) Liptember is a great campaign to raise funds for research and awareness for women’s mental health during September. To help raise funds for Liptember, TANDA have released a limited edition candle, with all proceeds going to Liptember:

TANDA Liptember Candle

TANDA’s Liptember candle scent is Coconut Flower. I looove anything coconut and this scent is no exception. I’ve been subjected to many a stinky overpowering candle in my time and I avoid the laundry aisle of supermarkets because the smells are just too strong. The perfume section of department stores is the stuff of nightmares for me and you might find me holding my breath and fanning the air (and fanning away those people giving out the sample cards). TANDA’s scents are just right for me and I don’t find them overpowering at all.

As well as the Liptember Coconut Flower candle, I chose Vanilla Hazelnut. Vanilla and Hazelnut are two other scents I love so I couldn’t go past this. It was still a tough choice though, as TANDA have some fantastic scents, like Green Tea & Lemongrass, Lavender Cucumber & Sage and Japanese Cherry Blossom. Check out TANDA’s products page here to see more of the available scents, then head over to the stockists page to see where you can get TANDA products.

The candles I chose are the smaller (but still very decent) size, retailing for $20 each and provide approximately thirty hours of burn time. The glass is easily the size of a drinking glass, to give you an idea. The wood wicks make little crackly sounds.

These TANDA candles have become my new favourites and I’m really looking forward to trying out the other scents, both as candles and the melts.

Remember folks, the Coconut Flower candle is limited edition and only available for the month of September, while Liptember is running!

* Disclaimer: I received one candle as a gift from TANDA. I was not asked to write a review but chose to because I really like these products and am happy to recommend them!

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