Will My Kids Eat It? Vegan Ham Cheese Stromboli


Stromboli is such a brilliant invention. Pizza in a LOG.Β What more could one ask for!

Our pizza of choice at home is a vegan Hawaiian (or Tropical), which in Australia consists of ham, cheese and pineapple. For the vegan version I use Redwood Cheatin’ Ham Slices and for the cheese I use either Notzarella or the stash of mozzarella Daiya I recently bought. For the sauce I use those Aldi organic pasta sauces.

I wanted to get Arthur and DeeW involved so they took turns with layering the ham and Daiya. I left out the pineapple as it would have made the stromboli a bit too soggy. So we pretty much rolled the dough out in to a long flat sausage shape, then made a long line of ham slices with the Daiya and pasta sauce scattered on top. Roll it up, cut some slits, watch the kids in hysterics because we’re cooking a giant log… fun for all the family.

vegan ham cheese stromboli


Arthur: “This is really good but there’s a bit too much sauce and cheese. I prefer pizza but this is good. Hmmm. Just not with so much sauce and cheese.”

DeeW: “Good, but too much cheese. Next time make it without the cheese. That’s all.”

I think I’d save a lot more ham and cheese making a stromboli than a pizza. I’m glad Arthur and DeeW liked it but Husband won’t go near the vegan versions of meats and cheeses. He’d probably have a vegetarian version with mushrooms so I’ll consider that next time. Mine was made with some leftover Tofurky sausages, spinach, sundried tomato and Daiya and the dough is from a Jamie Oliver recipe I love.

I’m counting this as a success because Arthur and DeeW said I should make it again. The log wins!

18 thoughts on “Will My Kids Eat It? Vegan Ham Cheese Stromboli

  1. I continue to be amazed by your children’s taste buds. If I was given this – vegan or non vegan in truth – as a child I’d have been pretty happy, and I didn’t even like cheese! These days it probably is less aligned with my taste buds but the stromboli concept sounds great.

    • I think the stromboli will only evolve here and get better then when the kids are really in to it I’m going to start adding other stuff πŸ˜‰

  2. Success! Persistence is the key, obviously. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I didn’t even know what stromboli was! It looks fantastic – except that we’re one of those families that will run a mile if we’re served pineapple on a pizza. (It’s about the only food taste we all share…or don’t share.) I’d love to try this without the pineapple thoug – and the dough looks especially good.

    • When we lived overseas and husband would ask for pineapple on pizza, people would always question it then the waiters would sneakily be watching us eat it!

    • it turns out a big size, I only photographed two pieces I cut but yeah, it’s massive enough and good enough to be eaten in one go even when halfway through you’d be saying gee I really should leave this for tomorrow (that’s what happens here anyway…)

    • It’s a good recipe and when I make the dough I can freeze half and not have to worry about making dough the next time. I think I would use way more topping on a pizza so have the topping as a stromboli filling is a little healthier and cheaper πŸ˜›

  3. i just discovered your blog on randomofo.com and I love it! I love your mofo theme so much. This stromboli looks so fun – I’ve never made anything like this… I’ve made calzones, but boy has it been a long time. πŸ™‚

    • thank you! The stromboli rocks though I think I’m going to be making it enough so that I get sick of it and not make it for a couple of years…