Will My Kids Eat It? Garlicky Sneaky-Bread


A favourite treat around here is garlic bread. That needs no explanation really, does it?

So during MoFo I’ve been reading lots of great blogs and seeing some awesome recipes. One blogger was talking about garlic bread and said to cut down on the oily/greasy buttery factor, she adds in some chickpea spread.

What a fantastic idea! As much as I love garlic bread, I do feel a bit off in the stomach after your typical vegan-buttery sort. Or maybe it’s because I eat too much of it. Anyway, the way Arthur and DeeW attack garlic bread has always made me wince a little because it’s not the most nutritious of foods. What if I could make it a little more healthy?

Instead of reducing the buttery element and adding in some chickpea spread, I decided to go 100% chickpea. I blended up some cooked chickpeas, parsley, garlic and salt and spread it on a sliced baguette. I kinda felt a bit guilty when the kids got madly excited when they saw me making garlic bread (which wasn’t actually the garlic bread they were hoping for).



DeeW: “this doesn’t look right. It’s not yellow. I’m going to scrape the strange bits off. I need a spatula please.”

Arthur: “well, it’s sort of good. The bread is good. What’s this stuff on it? It doesn’t look like regular garlic bread. Hmmmm. Next time please make regular garlic bread. You’re trying to trick us by calling it garlicky bread. Because it has garlic in it but it’s not real garlic bread.”

Okay, so they got me. I screwed up on the chickpea spread though and should have made it more runny. Because I had made it too thick (and it thickened more in the fridge overnight) it kinda stuck on the bread in fat chunks. Which meant the kids were able to remove it in chunks:


I really love this idea of reducing the butter and adding the chickpeas, so I’m not giving up on this. I might try half vegan butter and half runny chickpea spread. Maybe with some turmeric to make it more yellow. If all else fails, at least I end up with hummus.

16 thoughts on “Will My Kids Eat It? Garlicky Sneaky-Bread

  1. Haha! Love it! I’m with Arthur and DeeW – the way Billy and I attack garlic bread is insane. We will eat a loaf each and still be looking for more. So good. I haven’t actually had it in a while, but we went through a phase of having it pretty much every week. We would always have some premade in the freezer, particularly before nights out drinking. Late night garlic bread is the best! I’m all about sneaking veggies into food, but I’m not sure I would have been fooled by this one either – I like my garlic bread like garlic bread!

    • Bwahaha me too! I was really happy when I found out the Woolies homebrand garlic bread is vegan but no idea if there’s palm oil in it. Garlic bread is one of those foods that is like a black hole, sucks you right in. No escape!

  2. busted!! ha ha, alas – they were really on to you this time. I am not a kid, so I think this is a great idea! I love the idea of using some runny chickpea spread instead of butter on garlic bread. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I think there’s still a good chance I can fool them, I just have to make the spread runny enough to prevent them picking it off easily (I hope)…

  3. I love this idea – and was even more amused by your sneaky plan to make the chickpeas impossible to pick off – that’ll learn those pernickety kids – ha ha! I am not sure Sylvia has ever had garlic bread – she doesn’t like butter or margarine so I just can’t imagine convincing her to eat it and we rarely have it anyway – but it sure is yummy