Lunch at Supercharger, City

Supercharger, Melbourne

I’ve heard quite a bit of buzz about the recently opened Supercharger in the new Myer Emporium building, enough to make it zoom right to the top of my gotta-try-it list. I finally got a chance to visit today and wowww where do I begin. Maybe I should begin with the usual thing that happens when I’m anywhere near Myer. I get lost so then I have to hunt for those info touch screen things and curse under my breath when they’re not located right near escalators.

Okay, so I found Supercharger and in my haste I forgot to take a photo of it. I did take a photo of theΒ groovy sign though:

Supercharger storefront, Melbourne

Supercharger, Melbourne

Okay, so when you order you take one of the menus shown below. Choose from one of four bases: steamed white basmati rice, brown rice, quinoa or fresh baby spinach. I went for the steamed quinoa. Then choose the number of additional dishes you want. I got five, just because I could and I was super hungry. You give your paper to the person taking your order, pay, and get a ticket with a number:


With my quinoa, I ordered the smashed green peas with lime, avocado and mint; braised herb seitan in shoyu broth; the mild eggplant curry; some pumpkin mash (I’ve forgotten the formal name) and the broccoli option (again, I forgot to take note of what it was or take a photo of that part of the menu). Closeup!

Supercharger, Melbourne city

All the above cost $14. I was absolutely stuffed and loved my meal. Supercharger is definitely not just a ‘food court place’, if you know what I mean. It goes waaaay above and beyond. It has quickly shot to the top of my preferred places to eat in the city. There were quite a few people ordering meals (and a few of us trying to work out the ordering system, but the staff were friendly and helped us). I’m already planning on taking friends and family there and I’m planning on trying something different every time.

Supercharger also sell these freshly made juices and smoothies. I saw a price of $8 for a juice, though I’m not sure if all drinks are eight bucks:

Supercharger, Melbourne city

To get to Supercharger, go to Myer Emporium. Make your way to the third floor and look for the food court area. Then do what I did and walk around trying to find it but look for the word VEGAN and you’re set!

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29 thoughts on “Lunch at Supercharger, City

  1. Oh wow, I love the new look of your blog! Very cool :). I am so behind on my blog reading, it’s been ages since I’ve had a chance to catch up on all your posts, but reading through this one reminded me of how many secret gems you keep finding in Melbourne and the efforts you go to to write about them – thank you veganopoulous, inspiring stuff, and great review as always :). (and those smashed green peas with lime, avocado and mint – my GOD, what an insanely simple but extremely yum-sounding combination!!!)

    • thanks! Those smashed peas were awesome, I never considered smashed peas with anything other than plain mint! Thanks for the lovely words πŸ˜€

    • Yep it’s a brand new shopping complex attached to the already existing big department store complex. Basically more shops as if we don’t have enough already!

  2. Myer and the Emporium bamboozle me too – I was surprised on my last visit to myer to find the kids section in the lonsdale street side – who knew they still had stores there! But navigation aside that looks amazing and I really want to go there tomorrow when I go to the city but think I will need to wait til I don’t have family with me. (anything your kids would like?)

    • Nothing for the kids unfortunately (they’d insist on getting rubbish from the other outlets!) I get too flustered in Myer and all those shopping strips. Why do we need more shops here!?

    • I love that it’s in a busy shopping mall food court, and that people were queuing up there in a sea of other unhealthy places πŸ˜€

  3. Ooh, I had it in 2007 – last time I was in Australia. I’d hate to get your hopes up :/ Augh, Mom heads to Oz in a couple days. I wish I was going with her, we could have sleuth-ed out that little lane shop together!

  4. I tried it today for lunch and it was really good. Like you I had the seitan and eggplant curry but I also had the cauliflower and brussell sprouts which were sooo good. You need to try them next time πŸ˜‰