What I Ate With More Cooking From Isa Does It

Chandra Malai Kofta from Isa Does It

I haven’t done a What I Ate in aaaaages. If you followed me during MoFo you probably got a fair idea of what I ate, thanks to the many (failed) experiments and leftovers I got to eat…

I’ve been doing a lot of juicing recently so a lot of what I’ve eaten looks like this:

rainbow juice

I had loads of green juice. Juicing is funny. Some days, the thought of more green juice makes me want to barf. Other days, it’s all I want. And on other days, I can only handle a small amount of cooked food before I feel a little blergh and wish I had a juice instead. And I didn’t style this shot with the rainbow blocks on purposes, I had to hurry up and take a damn photo because one of the cats is a serial food photo bomber. Or stylist, or wannabe taste tester, as you will see further down:

green juice

I had made some satay style tofu and then had no idea what to do with it. This was a really lazy meal because I couldn’t be bothered chopping up veggies but I got some token green in at least:


I made the roasted potato and fennel soup from Isa Does It. I always leave Soups chapters until last when I buy a new cookbook and rarely go back to them, but this time I had a stack of fennel I needed to use up. This soup was fantastic and the roast fennel flavour was perfect. You wouldn’t guess it from the photo. I just wanted to eat it and not mess around with green bits and drizzles of oil!


I made a variation of the chickpea scramble. If you haven’t tried a chickpea scramble (with whole chickpeas that you moosh a bit) do it do it. Especially with black salt:


I finally made the Chandra Malai Kofta recipe from Isa Does It. The kofta and the sauce, made with cashew and coconut milk, are divine. I will be making this when I have people over for a meal! For myself, I’d leave the cashews and veg broth out of the sauce and go for a coconut cream base. I had so much of the sauce left over long after the kofta disappeared, so I added in some cubed roasted potatoes for another meal. Aaaand here’s my quality assurance manager. He’s one of those annoying bosses who shows up EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere:


“Why does coriander always fall shiny side down?”


Am I the only vegan on the planet who took forever to make the kofta recipe?!

14 thoughts on “What I Ate With More Cooking From Isa Does It

  1. I made that kofta for Father’s Day (will be blogging it at some point) and I seem to recall it took some time,though maybe not quite forever. I did it slowly over the course of the day in little stages though, so I imagine doing it all at once would take a fair bit of effort! It is yummy, though!
    Please allow your cats to photobomb all photos in the future. Cats forever! 😉

    • Cats rule! I love having two, watching them wrestle is the best entertainment ever. Next time I make the kofta I’m going to do the sauce the day before!

  2. Ha ha, your cat definitely wants to be a blog star – perhaps next Vegan MoFo you can have the theme, will my cat eat this? I am sure he/she would eat more than the kids 🙂 I made the lentil a roni from Isa Does It last night and it was amazing. Maybe the malai kofta needs to go on the list. Loving that cookbook! I think I have to try the scrambled chickpeas too. Sounds like you are eating well lately.

    • Will my cat eat this, ha!!! That’s a great theme! Though my two cats are so terribly greedy, and eat anything, that I’m confident I will score wins each time. I keep reading Isa Does It like a novel, the pages and photos are just so lovely to look at.

  3. I was admiring the kofta recipe just the other day…and telling my husband how much I want to try it. (I pretty much think he tunes out my food chat though.) Your kofta looks AMAZING! I hope the boss was happy with it. And btw, your boss looks much nicer than any of the bosses I’ve had. 😉 Jo

    (When I’m taking food photos, I always have to guard the food from Jolene. She uses her paw to swipe food right off the plates on the table. I swear she has grown leaner and taller just from reaching for food.)

    • ooh the kofta is so good, I made it with flaked almonds (the recipe says slivered) but next time I’m going for a more finely ground as Arthur didn’t like the almond pieces. Jolene sounds like my cat, there’s a lot of pilates style going on when the cat tries to reach the food.

  4. I think it feels as if it takes forever, since there’s so many different things going on. There’s the cashew base to be made, rice to be cooked, the kofta mixture to be mixed and the sauce to be prepared. The great thing about this recipe, though, is that most of it can be prepared when you have the time.

    I usually have frozen rice in the freezer. It’s so easy to boil a huge pot, and then freeze in portion sizes. Same thing with the sauce. Boil a double batch when you have time, then freeze in serving sizes. If you mix the kofta the day before you have a meal that comes together in less than ten minutes on a busy night. That’s one of the reasons I love this recipe.