The Vegan Box: October’s Goodies

Have you heard about The Vegan Box? Based in Melbourne, The Vegan Box was founded in 2013 by Hannah, a vegan naturopath. Hannah sources great cruelty free products for customers to try in their monthly packages. You can choose from a one-off box (this is what I selected for October), a three month subscription or a six month subscription. Even better, shipping is international to most countries!

As well as The Vegan Box of goodies, Hannah also offers customers a Vegan Beauty Box. Check out the Summer Vegan Beauty Box here. Doesn’t it sound full of awesomeness?! I especially like that Hannah has done all the background research for you when she decides what will make it in to a Vegan Box. I love that I can immediately start eating or using the products, without having to double check ingredients, vegan status, whether they’re full of nasties and so on.

On to the October box! DeeW insisted we open it in her bedroom:





First up were these chocolate almond squares by Sydney company Naturalie Boon. Almonds-in-chocolate are not my favourite (I’m a hazelnut girl) but these were really nice. I ate them far faster than I planned to:




DeeW was thrilled to see a bag of popcorn. Although I make my own popcorn for snacks, this Cobs Natural popcorn was nice and crunchy. In the past when Arthur and DeeW have been given other packets of popcorn made by other companies, they’ve all had the not-so-fresh chewiness. Judging by how quickly DeeW shoved these in her mouth, I’d say she really liked it:


Okay, I’m going to be honest and say I was a little disappointed when I saw the ginger bar here, because I’m not crazy about ginger in sweet things. In savoury meals, bring it on! But with chocolate? Nope. I really didn’t think I’d like this Exotic Ginger Jamu Bar by Nutra Organics. I couldn’t have been more wrong, this was delicious and I ate it all in one go:


The bar contains coconut, cacao, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and fermented probiotics:


A lovely smelling soap by Kaffe Organic from Queensland. From the beautiful scent alone, I’m looking forward to trying it:


Also included was this $15 voucher for Heaven’s Pantry:


These Taste Testers packets from The Healthy Fix contain raw, organic wholefoods that you can add to your cereal, smoothies, you name it:


Finally, these cinnamon apple clusters by Peeled Snacks. Oh my, it was so hard to stop at a few. DeeW found them too sweet but Arthur loved them:


A Vegan Box would make a great gift for that vegan or non-vegan in your life 😉 Or treat yourself! The contents of the boxes are a surprise so you never know what you’ll get!

8 thoughts on “The Vegan Box: October’s Goodies

  1. This sounds really interesting – the chocolates with almond were what my eye was drawn to (cute packaging as well as it being chocolate!) but I would have been disappointed by the Cobb’s popcorn because I would have wanted a fancy flavour (or just caramel and chocolate which is such an amazing way to coat popcorn) but I do love their popcorn. I agree it would make a fantastic present. And am pleased your kids liked quite a lot of it

  2. Surprise boxes are so fun! Especially when it’s food. 🙂 And vegan food at that! Like you said, it’s nice not to have to scrutinize the ingredients. Jo

    P.S. Your photos are looking good. I see you are taking advantage of that natural light. 😉 Wish we had a bit more of it around here.

    • thanks! My kitchen table photos are awful because there’s no natural light, so I either have to go in to a bedroom or down the opposite end of the house, or the lounge room window!