A Reuben Sandwich At True North in Coburg


True North has been on my mind for so long. Since April in fact, ever since Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe blogged about her Reuben sandwich. I’m often in the area, though never really with the opportunity to sit down somewhere and have a quiet meal. Well folks,Β let me tell you that after my sandwich today, I’m gonna be going back as often as I can.

I went at a non-busy time and gave the menu a quick glance. The veganisable meals do sound quite good (check out the menu here) but I was set on trying the vegan Reuben so I didn’t spend too much time with the menu. I’ve never had a Reuben sandwich before and this was a bit of a cautious experiment, because even as a non-vegan I hated Reuben ingredients like corned beef (blergh) and sauerkraut. But hey, I like mustard.

True North has a relaxed vibe and I was very happy with the friendly, prompt service. Music was playing at a decent volume, staff were welcoming and I was happy to just sit there taking a few pics:

True North Coburg

True North Coburg

My Reuben sandwich came out in good time. At a glance, I could tell I was going to enjoy this. The bread was perfect, with bits of mustard oozing through (I had to keep wiping my hands but who cares, this was one great sandwich). Honestly, before I ordered I was expecting to be kinda ho hum about it, given the vegan pastrami (I always hated pastrami) and the sauerkraut. But it was delicious. One of the nicest sandwiches I’ve ever eaten.

Close up!

True North Coburg

True North is located right at the intersection of Sydney Road and Munro Street (about one or two shops away):

True North Coburg

I will definitely head back there as soon as I can to work my way through the vegan options. But I might get another Reuben before all that.

True North has also been visited by Where’s The Beef? and The Good Hearted.


True North

2A Munro Street



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20 thoughts on “A Reuben Sandwich At True North in Coburg

  1. Well now I am feeling some regrets! We went there two weekends ago and I had an (admittedly very good) avocado bagel – maybe I should have sprung for the Reuben.

    • I’m going to get that bagel but this is one of those things, like Loving Hut Richmond, where I vow to try something new but when I get there I’m all “maybe next time” and order the same thing over and over.

  2. Ooh, looks like some good veganisable options there! I have been waiting and waiting to get a client out towards coburg so that I can visit places like this (and half moon…I hear they are the bomb for falafel!) on my lunch breaks but every time I get a referral for someone in the area, something happens and they move elsewhere or no longer require support. One day….!

  3. Glad you enjoyed true north – we went there for brunch a few weeks back and it really is doing well – in fact they are a bit more together than when we first went there – such a nice place to sit and relax and such good food – I think they had some vegan baked goods at the front counter too.

  4. What a cute little place. That sandwich looks great. I never had a Reuben in my pregan days, but I have made a few since then. Did they have a vegan cheese on there instead of the dairy cheese?

    • ha! Yep definitely preferable to bum things! Hope you’re feeling better, I hate those fasting medical drinks you have to take before those procedures. Urgh!

  5. your photos are lovely! the restaurant looks so charming and relaxing. now i have a huge yen for a reuben… yum.