Overdosa and Diwali Indian Festival of Light Melbourne


Today I went down to Federation Square for Melbourne’s Diwali Indian Festival of Light. I confess, I headed straight for the food and I was plenty pleased to see Overdosa. So many blogs I read have featured visits to Overdosa so I was really happy to finally get my turn!



I ordered the classic potato masala dosa with coconut chutney. Dosas are something I wish I could make properly. They’re just awesome, awesome, awesome:




Aaaaand then I went back for the $6 lentil poppers with tamarind date chutney. I loved these, they were light and just perfect with the chutney. As soon as I can, I’m going to visit Overdosa and eat my way through the menu:



I wasn’t going to miss the children dancing for anything!

Diwali MelbourneDiwali MelbourneDiwali MelbourneDiwali MelbourneDiwali MelbourneDiwali Melbourne

I walked around a bit more, wondering why there were sweaty people running around in green t-shirts, until I read one of the t-shirts and realised it’s for the Great Amazing Race:

DIwali Melbourne Diwali Melbourne

OverdosaDiwali Melbourne

And finally heading home, determined to get back to Overdosa at the earliest opportunity!

Diwali Melbourne

Overdosa’s Facebook page

10 thoughts on “Overdosa and Diwali Indian Festival of Light Melbourne

  1. I completely relate with your love of masala dosa. I bought a crepe pan specifically to try making them, but I still haven’t followed through with it. The process intimidates me. I’d love to be good at it, though. They are so totally delicious!

  2. Dosa’s are without a doubt my favorite and I haven’t had one in eons! The green and tamarind chutney’s are so good. The first time I had one was in Auckland and ate them often cause they were so filling and easy on my travel budget. One place three guys came out of the kitchen with huge smiles on their faces, leaning over the cash register and said “So you like dosas?” I said “Yes” and waited to pay while they just stood there smiling at me. I think they were earnestly appreciating that I appreciated the food but it was weird enough the memory sticks.

    • Ha! Well, I’m addicted now. I don’t think I could ever make them authentically, I could never manage my grandmother’s crepes!

  3. Your post is making me miss Melbourne! And making me hungry. It’s 10am and i’m craving fried food, that’s going to set a bad precedent for the rest of day 😉

    • Heh 🙂 Before bed is when I read blogs from the other side of the world and see all the great food so I feel your pain 😀

  4. Hi Veganopoulous, sounds fab – I love Indian food anytime, so must try and get to this. Good news the QVM Summer Nite Market starts back up in a week and a half. Better news, I’ve got a stall again – would be great to see you and get your feedback on my new Brownies and Chilled Chocolate Fudge pots. Get in touch if you are planning to visit, Kylie 🙂

    • Ooooh fantastic that you’ll be at the night markets! I’m definitely planning on going, unfortunately I didn’t end up going back to the night market because of family plans that were happening on Wednesday nights, argh!)