A Vegan High Tea At Impala & Peacock, Brunswick

Impala and Peacock Vegan High Tea

Impala & Peacock is one of those places I haven’t been to before (they opened recently) but will now make every effort to return to. I love tea and I’m so glad to discover this great specialty tea house so close to home. I have to start having mummy-tantrums because then I can say “that’s IT family, I’m a-goin’ Impala & Peacock!” Heaps better than going out to the backyard cubby with an Aldi teabag, let me tell you.

I must admit I haven’t really sought out tea houses in Melbourne, especially since becoming vegan. I don’t know why, maybe because I just assume there won’t be any vegan options where cakes are concerned. My vegan friend close by isn’t a tea drinker and the friends and family that are live miles away. Many years ago, probably about in 2001, I visited my sister in law in Berlin and she took Husband and I to a fantastic Russian tea house. I’ve often thought about that place and how I’d love to visit a tea house here.

I heard about the Vegan High Tea through Missy from Magic Milk Bar and booked in to try it out asap before they come to an end. Magic Milk Bar have been putting on vegan high tea at Impala & Peacock, with teas that are matched up perfectly. The space inside is beautiful, but being the dork-blogger I am, I forgot to take pics of the inside and outside. If you’re new to the Veganopoulous blog, this is quite a common thing. I get sidetracked by what’s on offer and I kinda forget about everything else. I even forget the details of what I ate.

Okay, so all the tea you’re offered is chosen as a perfect complement to the food you will be served. I really need to start taking a notepad or something, because I’ve completely forgotten what I chose. I went with the darker coloured tea here, and later chose another. Both were lovely and I very much appreciate how well thought out everything was and what combinations would work best together:

Impala and Peacock Vegan High Tea

We started with the bottom tier, which went along with the first tea selection. We had some caramelised onion pastry, some nut cheeses with the roast pumpkin and cucumber slices and with the pastry case:

Impala and Peacock Vegan High Tea

We were wisely requested to hold off eating the sweets until our second tea selection arrive. My dining companion gave in to temptation and scoffed a cake before the tea arrived, ha! We had a chocolate chia mousse made by Magic Milk Bar and the chocolate coconut slice and lemon ginger slice were made by The Compassionate Kitchen:

Impala and Peacock Vegan High Tea

The top tier had fruit and chocolate, always a winning combo in my books:

Impala and Peacock Vegan High Tea

Finally, some blooming tea. A lovely end to a lovely high tea 🙂

Impala & Peacock




















Here’s the entry for Impala & Peacock from sydneyroad.com.au:

We are a specialty tea house that sources single estate teas from traditional farmers all over the globe. We also create and blend organic herbal tisanes in house. Impala & Peacock is a space where you can take some time out, relax, and enjoy a pot of freshly brewed specialty tea. Your experience can extend beyond our beautiful space to your home with our packaged teas that can be purchased in store.”

There you go! Another great addition to Brunswick!

Impala & Peacock

558 Sydney Road, Brunswick

http://www.impalaandpeacock.com.au/  (check their ‘high tea’ page for more information)


Magic Milk Bar create organic, fair trade, vegan delights.

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4 thoughts on “A Vegan High Tea At Impala & Peacock, Brunswick

  1. Wow. I have had a vegan high tea before (as an alternative to a hen’s night pre-wedding!) but this looks even more impressive than that – and I thought it was pretty impressive at the time. What an amazing selection of vegan items.

    • It’s pretty good 🙂 I really hope there will be more, I wonder if regular high tea places just think it’s too hard and that a ‘good’ high tea must involve butter and cream? To me that’s totally outdated and I think it would be awesome to show them how wrong they are.

  2. WOW! That is so so so awesome!
    I have been trying to find a vegan high tea near our place, no luck yet. Maybe I just need a holiday down there instead! 😉

    • I’m hoping we’ll see more of vegan high tea options here. I’ve heard there are a couple more places that do it but they’re non vegan places, and the vegan offerings are a bit poorly thought out 🙁