Raw Trader, Melbourne City

Raw Trader

I have been seeing countless photos of the raw vegan creations at Raw Trader and it all got too much. I had to go there before I exploded. I did go some weeks ago but hadn’t realised they weren’t open on all weekdays. The most exquisite looking (and sounding) raw desserts, being thrown at you day after day, when it’s not that easy for you to actually go there? And then you go past, on your one day in the city, and they’re closed? WAAAAAH!

After my lunch at Overdosa at the Diwali Festival of Light, I trammed it (that’s Melbourne-speak for having caught a tram) up to Sutherland Street, which is right near the corner of La Trobe Street and Elizabeth Street. If you’re coming off La Trobe Street, Raw Trader is down the lane a bit on your left.

What delights awaited? ALL THIS:

Raw Trader Raw Trader Raw TraderRaw TraderRaw Trader

I honesty stood there completely unable to decide what to get. Which is why the $15 tasting platter stood out as the only logical option:

Raw Trader

And this is where I point out, yet again, how I sorta get so sidetracked by the food that I forget to actually ask what it is I’m eating. Because when what I’m eating is so good, I just completely lose the mental processing power it takes for me to remember the simple point of “find out what this is so you can blog about it”. So err, sorry you guys. I think the far left was a lemon slice, the second was the cherry garcia, the third was like a caramel slice, the larger white one with the kiwi fruit also had a banana moussey kind of taste and texture and I’m unsure about the last one to the right. Look, just take my word for it– these were all so good that I don’t really mind not knowing the exact details!

Service was great and very gracious in allowing me to take photos. As there were other customers right near me, I didn’t take photos of the space inside. There were some small two seater tables, then some taller round benches to seat a few more people.

Raw Trader offer organic, raw, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free desserts. You can also order organic coffee, tea, hot chocolate and home made nut milks, smoothies, fruit and vegetable juices. Raw Trader also use packaging that can be reused or recycled.

I have a friend visiting here soon and Raw Trader is a place I am definitely taking him to. It’s easy to understand why Raw Trader has become such a favourite with a number of vegans in particular. The feedback I hear is from other vegans and all the feedback has been positive. Service was excellent overall and very helpful when I asked to take photos.

Raw Trader is a definite winner and a fantastic addition to the Melbourne CBD area!

Raw Trader

Raw Trader

10 Sutherland Street

Melbourne City/CBD

Closed Mondays

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18 thoughts on “Raw Trader, Melbourne City

  1. Oooh! I have some raw choc bark or ‘freezer fudge’ as I am calling it as I am keeping it in the freezer that looks very similar to some of that bark…with cranberries and coconut. I LOVE the look of the dessert in the glass, and the sound of the banana mousse cake. I had a raw banana pie in W.A and was so impressed by it’s fluffiness! This is definitely on my list of places to visit (never-ending list…)

    • I knowwwwww, the lists are growing all the time for me too. Totally awesome we seem to have more vegan options all the time and now it seems raw is headed the same way.

  2. On a scale of one to death, how much coconut oil do you think they use? Raw desserts are normally a no go for me, because I have a really horrible reaction to too much coconut fat. Which is sad because they often look so pretty!

    • ooh no idea sorry! I couldn’t really taste coconut (though I ate so fast, none of this letting it sit on the tongue discovering notes of this and that… I’m too greedy) They’re pretty helpful though so I think they’ll let you know if you’re concerned.

  3. My vegan-food-places-to-visit-when-in-Melbourne is getting so long that all i’ll be doing when i’m there is eating!! They really seem to be so far ahead of Sydney (and everywhere else, really) with vegan and raw food options – I always knew I preferred Melbourne 😉

    • I have a big list too, there are vegan/vego places I haven’t tried and it seems like I’m the only vegan who hasn’t been!