A Few Recipes I’m Really Enjoying

pumpkin pie custards

We’ve had typical Melbourne spring weather, which means we have some very warm days followed by some really cold days. To give you an idea, a few days ago I got sunburnt. Today, as I type this, I’m rugged up in my dressing gown and heating up lavender bags to keep warm. The other night we had crazy thunderstorms of the window-rattling-I-can’t-sleep variety. All this means BAKING.

I love the cooler days because it means I can turn the oven on and get a heap of baking done. The aim is always to bake things to freeze so we can enjoy them on the hotter days. But you know, lots of things mysteriously don’t make it to the freezer. Anyway, here are a few recipes I’m loving lately. First up, Banana Ginger Medjool Date Mini Loaves by Joann at Woman In Real Life. I don’t have mini loaf tins (HOW has that happened?! I have mini hearts, mini flowers, mini fancy things I never use, but I don’t have cute mini loaf tins?!), so I baked this in a regular larger loaf tin. I only had half the ginger specified in the recipe but it turned out great regardless and I think the full amount of ginger would be just as great. I put this on my autumn leaves sandwich plate so I could pretend we are actually in autumn here and distract myself from the awful reality that isΒ the approaching summer:

banana ginge rdate loaf womaninreallife

To keep with the autumn theme (which is more like me desperately hanging on), I made this pumpkin pie from Plant Powered Kitchen. Dreena Burton’s recipes are popular in my kitchen and this pie was great. The filling has the perfect level of sweetness for me– not that sickly sweet, or even a-bit-too-sweet sweetness. Just right. Unfortunately I screwed up with the base and you can probably tell how dry it turned out. There are dates in the base (you chop everything up in a food processor) and when I went to the get the dates, all I found was an empty container, so I used sultanas instead. They did the job but the real problem was going to get my almond butter and seeing I only had half of what the recipe needed. Gah! I had to add a little almond milk to get the mixture to stick together but I should have added a bit of oil. Β Still, it all turned out fine and my mum loved it:

Pumpkin pie

No idea how the pie plate ended up all sticky and dirty looking on the outside, considering the pie was cooked on the inside:

pumpkin pie

Another Dreena Burton recipe I made was Cinnabon muffins. I used wholemeal spelt flour though I think white spelt would be a little lighter. For the topping I just mixed up cinnamon and sugar and left out the chopped dates. Arthur and DeeW loved these and demanded I make them again. Who am I to refuse…

Cinnabon muffins

Then, because I can, I decided to put one of the muffins in the panini press. Have you ever had a cinnamon donut in a sandwich press?! DO IT DO IT. Must have ice cream or cream to go with it. Vegan of course tastes best πŸ˜‰

Cinnabon muffins

To use up the last of the pumpkin puree, it was back to Plant Powered Kitchen again for Dreena’s Pumpkin Pie Custards. These are awesome! Β The recipe has a brulee topping and the whole fam stood around the table excitedly as Husband tried to (theatrically) get the mini flame thrower going. It didn’t happen. Maybe there’s an anti-dork setting? Then I tried to shove the ramekins under the portable grill but they didn’t fit so we admitted defeat. Aaaanyway, I used less sugar in the recipe because the butternut pumpkin was quite sweet. I had mine with coconut cream, though it’s fine without:

pumpkin pie custards

pumpkin pie custards

I’ve got more baking lined up, while the weather is still okay for having the oven on. I’m feeling envious, reading all the blogs from the other side of the world and seeing all the autumn/pumpkin/cinnamon recipes coming back!


21 thoughts on “A Few Recipes I’m Really Enjoying

    • mine is some cheap ‘Masterchef’ brand I got from Aldi years ago. I’ve never even watched bloody Masterchef!!!

  1. I’m so happy you tried my banana bread recipe and enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing! The other sweets look yummy…mmmmm Cinnabon muffins. And don’t be jealous of those of us on this side of the world…at least not in Toronto. I am so afraid of winter. πŸ˜‰ Jo

  2. From what I understand Australia doesn’t insulate houses like we do in Canada- we are all about super insulating our homes. I’d never used an electric blanket till I was in Melbourne- Mcrae to be more exact. I wonder if I’d get the same effect jaffling a muffin? Yes I am going to try this πŸ™‚ The ramekins look delicious despite the torch fail.

    • yes jaffle a muffin!!! We have insulation bats (those big long rectangular pieces) in roofing and walls here (it’s common in Australia) but our house only has them in the roof. We can’t put insulation on the front external wall of our home because of how it was built in 1930, but we need to do a big overhaul here at home because there are draughts coming in through gaps. Sustainability/eco-friendliness/etc is pretty big here so I’m learning more about it all the time and trying to see what we can do here (need to renovate our kitchen and bathroom first!)

  3. Yeah op shops only seem to have weird kitchen stuff in them. So picture books it is! The cake would be fine in mini heart tins surely? Could you section up a big loaf tin using baking paper? My cupboards are full. ..

    • I could use the mini heart tins if I’m careful, I tend to overfill and then you can’t tell what the shape is supposed to be πŸ˜›