A Despicable Halloween With The Doctor

Halloween teeth decoration

Soooo I had plans to make some Halloween foods today. But they all involved the oven and it was too hot for that (31C, about 88F) so I did what any good parent would do and took the kids to Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop. In other words, relied on others to do the baking for me:

Mr Nice Guy's Bake Shop HalloweenMr Nice Guy's Bake Shop Halloween

Then back home to decorate outside. These cobweb decorations are so old, they have… cobwebs. The big spider on the top has a remote control that we couldn’t find. I wanted to make it run down the driveway and scare kids:

Halloween house decorations

I decorated my front fence with those super scary apple teeth in the first pic. They’re so easy, you just slice up some apple, stick in some slivered almonds (or sunflower seeds, or pepitas) for teeth and then use some peanut butter and jam. I felt a bit dorky having these when the neighbours had decorations and stuff hanging up. The neighbours across the road had the spooky voice doorbell and all I had were cobwebby cobwebs and apple faces. But they were a hit! Everyone stopped and commented how clever I am. Truthfully, I had googled and found a number of websites with these apple teeth.

Okay so last year, DeeW just HAD to be a witch so I caved in and bought a witch costume that she wore for about two hours and that’s it. Arthur was the Emperor from Star Wars. Not the face though, just the cloak and scary voice. Anyway this year I was all about putting together costumes from second hand stores, with a budget of $10 per costume. So DeeW decided to be a Dalek. I had no idea how to go about that so I nearly cried with relief when she changed her mind and wanted to be an evil purple minion from Despicable Me. I bought the denim overalls from Savers for about $5 and made the badge by printing out a picture I found online, and sticking it on to a hairpin. She already had the purple top (and purple leggings but it ended up being too hot for them) and these are Arthur’s safety goggles. I did try and look around for crazy purple hair ideas but in the end I just teased it all up like 80s hair metal. I took this photo before I did her crazy hair. Her Halloween bag is from last year:

Despicable Me purple minion costume

Arthur doesn’t have a favourite Doctor, he likes them all (more the revived series) but I think Matt Smith made him laugh more (I’m more a Eccleston-Capaldi girl myself). Arthur never wears jeans so I had to buy this pair of for about $4 and the mens jacket was about $8. The bow tie (which is cool) was a present for his tenth birthday. At the last minute we realised Arthur didn’t have a bag or a bucket so we used the ‘TARDIS blue’ cooler bag. No sonic screwdriver, we do have a good pen that has a light thingy and looks like a sonic screwdriver but Arthur’s room is disgustingly messy and he couldn’t find it. He finally admitted his room should be a little more organised:

Doctor Who costume

I really like how Halloween is done in our neighbourhood. It’s completely opt-in: all residents get sent a notice and if you want to participate, you leave your front porch light on. As Halloween isn’t an Australian ‘thing’, I like that this is respectful towards those who don’t want to be part of it all. It goes for about an hour and a half, giving kids enough time to go around the four streets that participate. Last year was our first year and I have to admit the kids look so gorgeous. Witches were very popular again this year and can you believe I only saw ONE Queen Elsa?! There were lots of vampire girls and boys and a few parents dressed up. I squeezed my fat head in to DeeW’s unicorn cape but I’ve spared you any photos. It’s hard to take selfies when your circulation is being cut off.

And as quickly as it came around, Halloween is over for another year. Arthur and DeeW have a sickening amount of chocolate and now I’m mentally preparing myself for the “can I have a chocolate?” that I will hear every two minutes until New Years.

Did you celebrate today? Did you have any super spooky scary foods? Will I ever get around to making those pastry witch fingers???

12 thoughts on “A Despicable Halloween With The Doctor

  1. Nice job! Our street was opt in this year too, for the first time. We opted in, but it looked like hardly anyone else did. I’m a bit sad that it came along when my kids are too old for it. We’re big dresser-uppers in our house, so they would have loved it. My daughter’s friend’s older brother has a fantastic Dalek that he made years ago (he was even on Sunrise showing it off years ago when he was about 14), and their neighbour has a TARDIS so they took them to the little park in their street and had heaps of kids turning up to check them out. Arthur would have fitted in very well! (By the way, I’m also an Eccleston-Capaldi girl…although I think Capaldi is coming first for me at the moment. He’s brilliant!)

    • oh my gosh me too about Capaldi! He’s a bit of sexy I think. Arthur and I loved the tiny TARDIS episode. I wish they’d show more of Danny Pink instead of writing him to sound like a bit of a jealous boyfriend. That dalek and the TARDIS you mention sound so wonderful! I’d love to attend a Halloween party, I think dressing up properly once a year would be awesome. Someone needs to hire out Loving Hut Northcote and have them put on a buffet or something!

  2. Being a lover of the macabre, when my aussie cousins said they didn’t recognize Halloween it was like they were saying they didn’t have birthdays! I just heard on the radio that Canadians have eclipsed Americans on Halloween spending which they said -and I’m serious- is because we’re buying more costumes for our pets.
    Your kids costumes are great, it’s nice that it becomes a neighborhood party. I was just looking at my brothers Dr Who box set thinking it’ll be my ‘winter project’.

    • I would love to do Halloween in north America, kinda of like how I got to experience a German winter Christmas night market and it was awesome. Real white Christmas kinda stuff, which I’d always wanted to see. I’d even love a Thanksgiving or doing maple sugaring. I definitely think Halloween would hold so much more magic if we did it overseas with the experts because it’s rather pissweak here in comparison 🙂

  3. A Dalek costume would be a hard one to make from scratch, that’s for sure! I’m glad you were able to avoid it. There are some dresses for sale that have a Dalek-inspired look, but of course, that would have gone against your homemade rule (which is a lot more fun anyway). My husband wore the same thing to work today as Arthur wore for Halloween! Except instead of a TARDIS bag, he was carrying a TARDIS coffee cup. David kept his sonic screwdriver in his coat pocket for any emergencies.

    I totally agree with what you were saying earlier in the comments about wanting to see more Danny Pink. In so many episodes lately, we’re just getting a little phone call or check-in, and I’d really like to see more. Here’s my guess about the ending of the finale – I think that Clara and Missy are interconnected and that Missy’s name is actually Miss C. The students always call Clara Miss, and so that’s my thought. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!!

    • ooooh yes, the ‘miss’ connection is a good one! When Missy says “you know who I am” I think that’s what the ‘dark’ Doctor said in the dream episode with Amy and Rory? So then I thought perhaps Missy was another regeneration somehow, but nah. I like the Clara connection, she was ‘born’ to save the Doctor, went through all his timelines etc which would mean future Doctors as well I guess!

      I was disappointed in the last episode when Clara said something like Danny not being happy with travelling around, then she had to lie to him about having done it. Urgh! Too controlling for me!

  4. I love it when kids dress up as The Doctor! It always makes me smile to see them at conventions.
    I just have no interest in participating in Halloween, T=though if a friend has a Halloween party and I am free, I will go along. For me the 31st of October is always Beltane.
    I like seeing what people dress up as, my Instagram has been insane with all of my US friends… so much effort into their costumes!
    There is nothing organised in my neighbourhood that I am aware of, I certainly didn’t get anything in the mail. But I like how your place has an opt in situation, no pressure. 🙂
    Love the apple teeth! It was hot here as well yesterday, so no bake is an excellent thing!

    • I haven’t been to a fancy dress party in probably forever, I keep checking out the vegan scene to see if there’s something going on but nope (and I wouldn’t go on my own anyway!) I love kids Doctor Who costumes as well, Arthur was pretty chuffed when people commented. I just need to find a jacket in his size. And skinny-trackies, seeing as he hates jeans so skinny-jeans are out of the question!

  5. Love these costumes! The way your neighbourhood does Halloween sounds great. I think I’ve only had kids come by our door once or twice in my life over here, and then it was just a group of friends having fun, not a neighbourhood-wide thing.
    These Doctor Who comments are getting me excited about the beginning of the finale tonight!

    • yep the whole opt-in Halloween is what won us over, otherwise we just close the curtains and ignore it all. I’m excited for the finale but sad we won’t have any more for a while after the season finishes!