Highpoint Shopping Centre: The Vegan Perspective

I don’t usually go to the big shopping centres much these days, but when I do it’s nice to know where I can find some vegan food.

This week we had to visit Highpoint Shopping Centre in Maribyrnong so I decided to do some research and see which place are vegan friendly. Unfortunately I didn’t get as much time as I would have liked, it was crowded and I had to be quick with photos, plus I had a child nagging for a junk food treat with every food store we passed…

There are food courts dotted around Highpoint. I tried to fully explore every one and this is what I found.

Cupcake Central has a different single vegan cupcake every day. Arthur and I shared this jam donut cupcake:

Cupcake Central, Highpoint Shopping Centre

Feeling Fruity have juices and smoothies, though I’m not sure if they provide non-dairy milk or yoghurt:

Feeling Fruit, Highpoint Shopping Centre

Grill’d have three vegan burgers on offer, though they’re labelled as vegetarian and you have to omit the mayo to make it vegan. The fries are also vegan. I have been told (quite a few times in different outlets) that the veg patties are cooked in such a way so they do not come in to contact with the meat patties:

Grillid, Highpoint Shopping Centre

Guzman y Gomez have a vegan burrito. I’ve had one before and it was pretty good. Unfortunately I didn’t get to ask the staff about other vegan options as I got a message that required me to leave asap. Juuust as I was about to order a burrito:

Guzman y Gomez Highpoint Shopping Centre

Salsa’s *appeared* to have some vegan options, though I wasn’t able to ask. The queues were too long and I was in a hurry. Edit: Please take note! I’ve just been informed that some of the ‘vegan’ options at Salsa’s contain dairy– there was mention of rice and chips being cooked with a dairy component. People have ordered vegan options only to discover they contain animal content 🙁 I sincerely hope this has changed, or will change, as obviously I’m vegan but dairy also makes me sick.  I’m tempted to remove this entry for Salsa’s but I think I should leave it up in case people are led to believe that the ‘vegan’ options are 100% vegan:

Salsa, Highpoint Shopping Centre

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yoghurt have some vegan options, as the DIY serving machines have ingredients panels showing dairy free, soy etc. They operate on a weigh-pay system, where you select your froyo and toppings then pay based on weight. I wish I had more time to check it out and ask some questions, though a quick check on their Facebook page shows that yes there are vegan soy based froyos, but to check with a store first to see what flavours are on rotation:

Tuttifrutti Highpoint Shopping Centre

San Churro have some vegan options, here’s a post from The Lentil Institution dated September 2013 showing what’s on offer for vegans. I haven’t confirmed that these options are still vegan (I hope they are!):

San Churro Highpoint Shopping Centre

Salt and Pepper Indian Cuisine also have a few vegan dishes but it appears I accidentally deleted my photo.

Thank you to people who have contacted me with more vegan options at Highpoint! Two new additions are Dessert Story and Yoghurtland.

The Highpoint Fruit and Vegetable Market had a good variety of produce including banana leaves, different kinds of mango, taro and more. There are packaged products at the back of the store but I had no luck finding jack fruit in brine (syrup was there!). Please forgive the lopsided photo, again I was in a rush:

Highpoint Fruit Veg Market

Lush need no introduction, they have lots of vegan products:

Lush Store Highpoint Shopping Centre

I took a quick look around Yahweh Asian Grocery. There were quite a few products I use in my kitchen so if I was at Highpoint and needed a few things, I’d go back here:

Yahweh Asian Grocery Highpoint Shopping Centre

I had planned on making my Highpoint report far more detailed, with better photos at least! It was a very rushed trip, with loads of people getting in the way of my shots and I try to avoid photographing people if I can. I don’t have any reason to go back there soon so I decided to hit publish on this now.I also may have left out some food outlets that serve vegan food such as those sandwich making places where you can choose the vegan ingredients but I don’t know if the bread is vegan. There are also those places where you can buy the veg California rolls. For health food type needs, there’s a Go Vita store.


Highpoint Shopping Centre is located on Rosamond Road, Maribyrnong. If you want to eat out nearby I highly recommend Eat Fresh Pizza at 44 Raleigh Road in Maribyrnong (though they open at 4pm) and Mister Nice Guy’s Bake shop in Union Road, Ascot Vale.


14 thoughts on “Highpoint Shopping Centre: The Vegan Perspective

  1. Hey I was there today – wish I had seen this post before I went to cheer me up about the food choices – it is not the sort of place I like to eat – I had a salad sandwich that cost me $8.10 and when I asked about the lettuce and she remembered it, the woman serving me said the sandwich was $8.70. Not happy (just said I didn’t have the money because had been quoted 8.10 which was quite enough) I was amazed when I asked about vegetarian meals at Tuk Tuk Thai in the Atrium that they showed me a menu of about 5-6 meals – I don’t know which are vegan but might be worth having a look. Where is Guzman y Gomez – never seen them at Highpoint! Not that I plan to be back soon.

    • that’s expensive lettuce! Guzman y Gomez is at the cinema food court area (right indoors, near Pancake Parlour). Not sure if Tuk Tuk are vegan though, I didn’t get to ask about fish sauce though I’m sure my sister went and was told they have fish sauce.

      • That would be really disappointing if dishes they say are vegetarian have fish sauce – but wouldn’t be the first time – I once went to a Malaysian place all excited at their vegetarian options only to find when I quizzed them that they all had fish sauce in them.

        • 🙁 My sister has asked about the vegetarian stock in the canteen soups at her work, only to learn they have real chicken stock!

  2. I’m obsessed with Tutti Frutti! Unfortunately the one closest to my home always seems to have problems with the machine that serves the vegan froyo, so I have to call ahead. But when it’s working, I’m in heaven. 🙂

    • oh that sucks about the broken machine! I’ll be on the lookout for another Tutti Frutti as they’re a franchise here, so there are bound to be lots of locations I’ve probably never paid attention to 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I had a frustrating experience trying to find food in a shopping centre I’d never visited before so I’m glad this is of help to people 😀

  3. Grill’d and Tutti Frutti were some of my favourite vegan eateries in Perth 🙂 I pretty much had an excitement attack when the soy frozen yoghurt came in at TF, and whilst Grill’d burgers do need customising, they were always really helpful when I asked – I had the field of dreams mushroom burger minus cheese, mayo and pesto, and it still always tasted great!

  4. Awesome! It’s always so great to find vegan alternatives in shopping centres. I’m in love with Lush shampoo bar – have you tried them?
    Grill’d is fab hey – and we often dine out on Mexican – our favourite is Mad mex! 🙂