In My Kitchen, November 2014

I feel a bit embarrassed when I realise my last In My Kitchen was back in July! Back then, I shared my smaller-than-a-Hobbit’s-toilet kitchen with you. In August I started preparing for MoFo and missed the deadline for the In My Kitchen submission. September was MoFo. I got terribly sidetracked in October but here I am for November, three days before the deadline!

Okay, so In My Kitchen are these Fourre biscuits. I went to the Cruelty Free Shop in Fitzroy today and they were on sale. I’ve tried the chocolate ones and they’re okay, rather flimsy when it comes to dunking them in tea which is a bit of a no-no for a serial dunker like me:

Fourre biscuits

I’ve run out of vegan mayo and decided to try a different brand this time. Mayonnaise is one of those things I don’t use often and truthfully, I had to throw the remains of the last jar out because it was way past the use-by date. This Melrose Organic Sunflower Mayonnaise is rather nice, quite tart for me with a strong lemon taste (lemon oil is one of the ingredients):

Melrose organic sunflower mayonnaise

Another purchase from the Cruelty Free Shop are these Veggie Gyros strips by Viana. I haven’t tried them yet but I have some grand plans!

Viana veggie gyros

I bought the soy cream by King Island when it was on special. I’d never tried it before and ah, kinda jumped back in horror when I opened it. See, I’ve moved it around a little so you guys could get a better feel for why I thought this had gone off. It appears this is the way it’s supposed to look, as other vegans in online communities have posted photos asking “has this gone off?” To be honest, I didn’t like the taste at all but I’ve mixed it up with a lot of differing flavours and seasonings for sandwich spreads (I’ll blog about my gourmet sandwiches sometime very soon). In the end I accepted this wasn’t that bad a product and it did well to stand in for a kind of unsweet mayonnaise:

King Island soy cream

This photo is pretty old. My mother in law gave us this box of grapefruit from her backyard tree. I don’t like grapefruit but Husband eats it with a spoon:


Also on special from the supermarket recently was Alpine Double Thick Coconut Cream. This was okay as a sort of try-it-once, but in the future if I want coconut cream I’ll just make my own by chilling a can of coconut cream in the fridge overnight and sweetening it a little. I don’t eat coconut cream for dessert much at all, so there’s not much point in me buying it. Photobomber:

Alpine coconut cream

After trying a sample of the Alpro soya desserts at Vegan Day Out, I bought a packet of the caramel flavour. It was nice, a little sweet but nice as a one off:

alpro caramel

I’ve had rotten luck making my own coconut yoghurt. Arthur really likes this Pura Veda yoghurt and I’m enjoying the muesli. Yes, this is an old photo!


This is the view I wish I had from my kitchen! All I have is a fence and a boring conifer right up in my face. We recently went for a trip to the You Yangs, about a one hour drive from home.

You Yangs

I am sending this to Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for her monthly In My Kitchen series.

32 thoughts on “In My Kitchen, November 2014

    • ha yes, I have two furry photobombers, as soon as they smell food and see me walking to the sunny window it’s all over!

  1. I am the same about mayo – hardly use it but really need it when I do – which I think is why my fave potato salad does not have mayo in it. I confess to holding on to a horrid old bottle of mayo past the use by date but might have to buy a new one for summer. I would be really interested to try a vegan yoghurt but have tried coyo which was too rich and a few soy ones that were horrid. Thankfully I am not that interested in cream! because the king island one looks bad to me – glad to hear you came round to it. Can’t imagine the photobomber being impressed with it 🙂

  2. I understand that coconut yoghurt is actually really difficult to get right, so I wouldn’t feel disheartened. There are some good cultures out there now if you haven’t already found them. Greenliving Australia used to have some but I haven’t looked in a while.

    Those veggie gyros strips are quite interesting. What is their base?

    • thanks! I have to try something like the starter culture from Greenliving, I’m confident that will work. I bought a yoghurt maker a while back and it’s still in the box so I better think of a way to use it too. The veggie gyros strips are wheat protein and soy, I want to make something Greek but it seems too obvious 😛

    • I think we have the chocolate and lemon here. With the lemon I couldn’t stop at one tub I don’t think but it would make a good custard substitute on the side of apple pie for me 🙂

  3. love the photobomber! the Alpro yoghurts are very nice, I like the lemon one. I’ve also tried the gyro strips, from memory I fried them? Coconut yoghurt seems to be hit or miss, the last two times here were a success luckily…

    • I made your cashew cheese the other day for a family lunch, I was asked for the recipe so people could make it for others at Christmas!

  4. I’m surprised to see you have access to so many European products. The Alpro pudding and Viana gyros are sold everywhere around here (I really like both) and I can get the Fourre biscuits from a kosher shop in Amsterdam. I’ve never seen the other stuff before.

    • we even have Dutch double salt licorice, speculaas and stroopwafels 🙂 I used to eat those when I lived in Amsterdam so I’m glad to see they’re here. My favourite thing to eat in NL was appelgebak met slagroom. Best apple pie ever, I had a good recipe years ago that I can make vegan. I miss living there and riding a bike everywhere, it’s harder to ride a bike here 🙁

  5. Sniffy kitten nose! Love it. 🙂
    My favourite mayo is the plamil brand, but that is super expensive so I tend to buy the Melrose one as well, unless I need a lot of mayo for a recipe and then I will make it myself from tofu or cashews.

    • I can’t remember the name of the last mayo I had, it’s the one you see everywhere in vegan places. It just has egg-free in big letters. It’s okay enough, not as sweet as the Melrose.

  6. I am SO pleased I have found your blog. My vegan son has moved back home and I am trying to cook meals that are vegan that I and my non vegan husband will be happyto eat. You have certainly given me ideas and ingredients to buy. I think your blog will be a regular to visit from now on.

    • Thank you!!! And how considerate and wonderful of you to be making vegan meals for your son, as a child of non-vegan parents I really appreciate it when my mum prepares vegan meals for me (that she and my dad eat too!) 😀

      • You never know, but perhaps one day my husband (who loves his meat) might slowly move to less meat eating 🙂 We are making vegan sausage rolls tomorrow which I am looking forward to tasting!!

        • there are great vegan sausage roll recipes out there, my non-vegan extended family like the ones I make and one didn’t even guess they were meatless!

  7. I tried that alpine coconut cream too, I bought the yoghurt twice as well but never finished a tub before it went off! I don’t know why I tried to buy it more than once, I think I had plans to use it as a starter for my own yoghurt but never got around to it. Whoops. I didn’t especially like the flavour and I’m with you, it would be easier and nicer just to sweeten your own coconut cream!

  8. Oozing with jealousy at your pile of grapefruit – I’m with your husband and love the stuff.
    We have a cruelty free shop here in Sydney but I”m yet to visit it.
    Loving the range that woolies now has – included the coconut cream – I used that to ice a cake the other week, worked fabulous 🙂

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