What I Ate (This Past Fortnight)

miso tahin itofu greens bowl

Whoops. Kinda forgot the weekly What I Ate again… so let’s make this (another) What I Ate This Past Fortnight, shall we?

I made a tofu scramble with assorted veg that had to be used up. I flavour my tofu with a little garlic powder, nutritional yeast and black salt. I had it in a tortilla with avocado and greens. The tortilla is rather unnecessary but I had an urge to use the panini press:

tofu scramble tortilla

This one is more what-my-brother-in-law-ate. He’s been doing some work on our house so I made him this pasta dish using the Vegami pepperoni I bought from World Vegan Day, red capsicum, onions, olives, capers, some leftover pasta sauce and topped it with parmesan by A Vegan Smiles:

vegan pepperoni pasta

More Vegami vegan pepperoni action! This time I grilled it on the panini press and served it in this panini-pressed Turkish pide. Like a BLT without the B:

vegan pepperoni BLT

What I call the Mother and Son green smoothies. Banana, greens, cinnamon and non-dairy milk:

green smoothie

I met up with some Melbourne and interstate bloggers the night before World Vegan Day at Loving Hut in Northcote. I ordered the home made curry:

Loving Hut Northcote curry

I roasted some cauliflower and made some simple cast iron pan fried garlic tofu and tossed it all through spaghetti with some home made pesto. I tried not to overload it with more A Vegan Smiles parmesan but that stuff is so good I added loads more after I took the photo:

garlic tofu cauliflower pasta

This is my meal in the top pic, though here we have my serial photo bomber. It’s the miso tahini roast cauliflower recipe from Isa Does It, but I used sauteed garlicky silverbeet instead of soba noodles along with more of the garlic tofu:

Cat stalking miso tahini veg bowl

I went to Grill’d for lunch and tried their new falafel burger. It’s vegan without the tzaziki:

Grill'd falafel burger

Doing these What I Ate posts (or rather, missing them then having to play catch-up) makes me see just how fast time seems to be flying. How on earth did we get to November so fast?! Christmas stuff has been in the supermarkets for a couple of months now at least and our family conversations have been turning to foods to make for Christmas lunch with family. Gahhh, I want it all to slow down!

20 thoughts on “What I Ate (This Past Fortnight)

  1. It is the time of year when we are just at the end of a huge run of birthdays and after that we need to think about christmas – I am still at the stage though of gritting my teeth when I hear carols in the supermarket

    love your sarnie and cauli dishes – all looks yummy – your enthusiasm for the vegan parmesan makes me wish I had bought some

    • I will take more serial photo bomber pics for you 😛 And heyz, I can’t comment on your blog (or other blogspot blogs) because of some silly issue with my OpenID!

  2. Everything looks lovely. I’m completely addicted to tofu!! I agree the time seems to be on fast forward lately. I’m not ready to think about Christmas!!

    • I’m back in a tofu loving mood, sometimes I get sick of it but I’ve just made a few days worth of tofu meals I’m looking forward to 🙂

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