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When you’re vegan, you will get the “where do you get your protein” question at least once. You may also have to deal with comments along the lines of “vegans are all weaklings who can’t gain muscle mass”. Unfortunately the latter (and untrue!) statement is quite common in fitness circles and I have certainly been exposed to it myself. You can imagine how frustrating this can be, seeing as the statement is completely false!

Since becoming vegan around April 2012, I have been very interested in vegan body building and vegan athletes in general. These individuals are proving again and again that vegans are indeed a force to be reckoned with. They certainly have no problem packing on muscle and performing incredibly well and taking home numerous trophies!

When I attended World Vegan Day earlier this month, I was very much looking forward to seeing Evolved Generation’s presentation. Founded by Luke Tan, Evolved Generation is “a brand that aims to inspire a culture of fit, driven and conscious individuals”. The Evolved Generation team members presented their top three tips for health, wellness and fitness.

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It is clear when talking to the Evolved Generation team members that they are indeed driven and conscious individuals (and fit of course!). I have been following some of them on social media, keeping up with their achievements and through those achievements I was inspired to get back in to training and make some manageable changes to my life.

Luke Tan is an internationally certified plant-based nutrition and strength coach. He has competed and placed in state body building tournaments and he also coaches plant-based athletes and fitness models for competition.I contacted Luke to chat to him for my blog, but also to discuss my own situation with him. I needed advice on getting back in to training (encompassing the actual training but nutrition as well). Over the years (since about 2001 when I first began weight training) I’ve read so many conflicting articles and pieces of advice that I felt overwhelmed and just blergh! I had knowledge but wasn’t really doing anything about it, or I’d end up confused when trying to map out a program for myself.

One thing that struck me instantly about Luke is his passion for helping people, more specifically, to help people be the very best version of themselves. A person’s emotional wellbeing is a big part of Luke’s approach. There’s none of this “here do these one-size-fits-all exercises three times a week and get back to me in a week NEXT PLEASE”, which is what I’ve dealt with in the past in various trainers here and overseas. When I look for someone for my own medical or non-medical purposes, or some kind of therapist for my children, I will go with those who I feel have personal, firsthand experience with the issues their clients need help with. Someone who has basically experienced a situation and therefore brings empathy and compassion in to their dealings with other people.

Through the A.W.A.K.E. method (please click on the link to read more about it) Luke helps clients with making healthier changes to their lifestyle, all the while making mental health a priority. Luke spoke to me about training and retraining ourselves and undoing a lot of prior learning, especially where negativity about ourselves is concerned. This rang true for me, both with personal life stuff and training!

Luke and I chatted about training and I asked his advice on what I should do with my own goals. He gave me some great training and nutrition tips but most of all, Luke gave me some valuable tips on beginning on the path of being the best version of yourself. I’ve taken his advice and have started on a health and fitness journey that’s leading me towards the goals I have set for myself. I’m pumped, feeling good and loving that I am doing this as a vegan.

Luke Tan Evolved Generation

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I would very happily work with Luke in the future for my own health and fitness goals and as such I have no hesitation in recommending you contact him for your own training needs!

I was very happy to learn that Luke is releasing a book in 2015. As well as writing about his background, Luke also educates and empowers people, particularly against the misinformation that is out there about plant based fitness and lifestyles, and he encourages people to begin making global positive change by rethinking what is on their plate.

Please check out Evolved Generation’s website at

In more exciting news (and more of “Melbourne is awesome for vegans!”) Evolved Generation have just announced a partnership with Supercharger Wholefood! I know I have quite a few readers who are fans of Supercharger! Luke gave me some details and I think it’s fantastic and nothing I’ve seen before– this merging of plant-based nutrition and menu offerings for your fitness needs.

Evolved Generation and Supercharger are holding an event on January 29th, 2015 at Supercharger (third floor Myer Emporium building in the city). There will be presentations by the Evolved Generation team, drink demo and tastings, details of the menu specials and more. Hope to see you there! Keep an eye on Evolved Generation’s Facebook page for more info: http://www.facebook.com/evolvedgeneration

8 thoughts on “Evolved Generation: Chatting With Luke Tan

  1. It seems there are more vegan coaches these days,, there were none when I started weights. This is great to see and having a vegan strength coach whem you are vegan is the icing on the vegan cake because they understand you more. Thanks for this blog I have passed on the information to my friends in melbourne

    • You’re welcome! I’ve been vegan nearly three years and in that time I have seen more vegan trainers and coaches too. It’s a sign of the times and one I love to see 🙂

  2. Great to hear Luke has helped you personally as well as being a general inspiration and and answer to those who question the vegan lifestyle. I think I might have been a bit unsure about vegan athletes if not for all the stuff I see around the blogs but these days I have no doubt about vegan athletes making a lot of sense.

  3. Awesome! Oh Melbourne-for you, I swoon!
    My partner is about 210 pounds, fairly lean muscle mass, power lifter; gets asked frequently by guys at the gym we work out at about his training etc when they ask about his diet there’s always a silence after he says he’s vegan. Planting seeds to change the meat/dairy centric strength world 🙂