A Bus Tour Around Melbourne


This past weekend, the family and I went on a double decker bus tour of Melbourne. Yes, our home town! Husband had bought some cheap discounted tickets and we figured this would be a good educational activity on a pleasant day where we could pretty much sit down the whole time. We took two tours, the first around Melbourne and the second down to St. Kilda.

It was educational for all of us but by far the best fact we learned was that Melbourne could very well have been called Batmania. Missed it by that much!

This post is a little photo heavy so I’ll keep the text to a minimum. Here are images from around Melbourne and down to St. Kilda, taken from the top deck of the bus. While I would recommend the bus tours, especially if you find Groupon or Scoopon discounts, please I beg tourists not to believe that all Australians talk with ‘Aussie slang’ like the tour commentary may make you believe! Plenty of us say ‘wine’, not ‘bottle of plonk’!















melbournetour15 melbournetour16



There are quite a few bus tours around Melbourne, as well as the Melbourne visitor shuttle bus. There’s also the free Melbourne City Circle tram. If you’re visiting our city there will be loads of family friendly options for bus tours, though we all found the speakers on the bus to be unbearably loud and lots of children were covering their ears!

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    • There was a dude long ago called John Batman (but it’s pronounced Bat-mn, unfortunately not like the superhero) who is believed to have been a founder, or co-founder of Melbourne. There was a settlement already called Batmania but it was renamed to Melbourne after the British PM. It’s probably a good thing, as some accounts of Batman say he was a nasty piece of work!

  1. Cool! Melbourne has such beautiful architecture and history I’d totally do this bus tour. I’ve gone on a few sustainable building tours in my home town and they’re really interesting, plus I get to see the guts of alternative buildings.