Product Review: LifeToYou Raw Macaroons, Raw Crackers and Raw Granola

LifeToYou Products

When I attended World Vegan Day 2014 in Melbourne, I had more than my fair share of samples provided by the LifeToYou stall. Friends and relatives confessed the same. The raw macaroons in particular were a standout and I heard lots of people making mmmm noises and telling their friends to sample some (yes, I also saw people taking more than one sample!). That’s what happens when a product is so good.

LifeToYou produce raw, organic, vegan gourmet specialty food products here in Melbourne, using gentle dehydration techniques. Based on nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits and herbs their products are also gluten free!

LifeToYou very kindly sent me some products to review. In a single sentence I can tell you I loved them all! But that wouldn’t make much of a blog post, so here we go ร‚ย ๐Ÿ™‚

The macaroons are divine, that’s the only way I can describe something that made my eyes roll back. Made with coconut, cashews and other ingredients, each bite was coconutty deliciousness.

LifeToYou Raw Macaroons

I’m crazy about coconut and it was really hard not to eat all these in one go. The macaroon flavours LifeToYou produce are vanilla, blueberry, raspberry, orange, chocolate and banana:

LifeToYou Raw Macaroons

LifeToYou Raw Macaroons

LifeToYou Raw Macaroons

The Raw Strawberry Buckwheat Granola saved my life on the cruise I went on recently. I decided to take it in case I didn’t have many food options on the ship and I’m so glad I did. I had some of the granola with fruit, or just snacked on it with sighs of relief when I went back to the cabin with slumped shoulders because my only breakfast option was not-so-fresh fruit… again:

LifeToYou Raw Strawberry Buckwheat Granola

The Orange Granola is also delicious, a really nice non-overpowering blend of chocolate and orange. I had some with coconut yoghurt:

LifeToYou Raw Chocolate Orange Granola

LifeToYou Raw Chocolate Orange Granola

The Raw Olive bread was also a lifesaver on the cruise. I took them out on a shore excursion where I was walking around hungry. They were a great snack and quite filling:

LifeToYou Raw Olive Bread

The Raw Herbal Crackers are fantastic with dips, vegan cheese or just to snack on. Just lovely:

LifeToYou Raw Herbal Crackers

LifeToYou products make ideal gifts– consider them as part of a care package, stocking stuffers, a thank you gift or a great prize in a competition! Or treat yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰ Please visit the LifeToYou website atร‚ย to see their entire range (the raw chocolate chip cookies are sooo good, I had those at World Vegan Day).

LifeToYou Raw Macaroons

* Disclaimer: I received the above products to review. All opinions are my own and I have no hesitation recommending these products!

8 thoughts on “Product Review: LifeToYou Raw Macaroons, Raw Crackers and Raw Granola

    • oooh give them a try, it’s hard buying these as gifts for others when you’ve tasted them yourself because you eat them yourself and stuff.

  1. How fantastic! What a great range – I saw raw macaroons in a cafe in Perth before we left but don’t know if they were from this brand or made at the store. Sadly I didn’t get to try them either. I’ll have to keep an eye out for the brand or something similar here ๐Ÿ™‚