Product Review: Delicious Skin

Delicious Skin

I love it when my skincare products run out, because it means shopping for new products! I haven’t been thrilled with the last two batches of skincare I’ve used, one being the Sukin facial moisturiser. I know others swear by it, but it left my face feeling tight and dry and I had to mix in some rosehip oil to make it work for me. Although that wasn’t a hassle and it only took an extra five or so seconds, I feel that if I’m going to spend money on something advertised as hydrating and suitable for my skin, I shouldn’t have to add other products to make it work for me!

Enter Delicious Skin. I first heard about Delicious Skin in vegan circles. Founded by Nicola Marie, Delicious Skin is 100% vegan and palm oil free and free of all those nasty known irritants and fillers often added to other products.

I ordered the Taster Pack as I was essentially on the hunt for new skincare which I knew may involve a bit of trial and error. My order was shipped quickly which is great when you’re really impatient for awesome sounding products to arrive:

Delicious Skin

The Taster Pack contains the Butter Cleanser, Supple Silk Serum, Exfoliating Mask, Moisturising Cream and the Lip Salve:

Delicious Skin

I have never had skincare that smells so good I want to eat it with a spoon. Seriously you guys, the scents are gorgeous. The Butter Cleanser contains tea tree, peppermint, lavender and chamomile essential oils. I love how this smells! I apply it to my skin and leave it for a few minutes, then wash it off with warm water and a soft face cloth.

After carefully drying my face, I apply a few drops of the Silk Serum. That’s all I need, just three or four drops. More delicious smells!

My skin does well with extra hydration so I follow with the Moisturising Cream. This smells like cocoa-vanilla cake frosting and I sometimes go and have a sniff, just because I can!

I use the Exfoliating Mask once a week, usually at the end of the week just to give myself a bit of pampering. So far I’ve mixed mine with water, but the Delicious Skin website suggests using mashed avocado and I’m looking forward to trying that. Containing bentonite clay, oats, almonds and vanilla powder, this is another product I really like.

Finally, the lip salve (balm). Another product I sit and sniff and this time I can kinda eat it, seeing as it’s a lip salve! I have the Cocoa Vanilla flavour, but other flavours are Peppermint Vanilla and Chocolate Mint.

My skin is looking and feeling great. No more little dry patches on my forehead, no more stretched-skin feeling after applying other-label moisturisers, no need to mix in other oils to make these work for me! I’m so happy with these Delicious Skin products and would happily buy a Taster Pack as a gift for a lucky someone!

Delicious Skin’s website currently lists one stockist in Sydney, though I purchased my order online directly from Delicious Skin. I’d love to see this lovely range sold in Melbourne!

For more information and testimonials, head over to   Or keep an eye on the Facebook page for current specials and other info. Love love love!

Delicious Skin

6 thoughts on “Product Review: Delicious Skin

    • Good match for mine too! All my life I was told to avoid oils for oily skin but I think the oils in my Delicious Skin products work brilliantly!

  1. Ooh these look lovely! I would love to try them out some time…will have to investigate. I get what you mean about sukin…I still use some of their products like rosehip oil, but I stopped with their moisturiser as I find it strange that alcohol is an ingredient in a moisturiser. I’m no scientist, but isn’t alcohol DEhydrating?!

    • I tried the Sukin moisturiser again today (I have a travel pack size) and really noticed how dry and tight my skin felt! Delicious Skin have $10 off their taster pack this month, the code is mentioned on their facebook page 🙂