In My Kitchen March 2015

Quite a few things In My Kitchen this month! Truthfully, over the past few months as the last In My Kitchen post I did was back in November 2014. Some things never change though, like THIS:


Always trying to ‘help’! I had to work quickly because every time my back was turned I heard the sound of packets rustling, then I’d see both cats trying to drag things out of the box.

Okay, first up is this magnificent chocolate from The Chocolate Yogi. I sampled some of this at the Cruelty Free Shop on Vegan Day Out on the Saturday, then went back on Sunday to buy some. I chose the salty caramel flavour and love it:


The Cruelty Free Shop had the Clif bars on sale. I bought one to pop in to my bag next week, when I have an all day event to go to (and I have no idea about food options there):


I had some super power luck with raffles last year and won first prize at the Cruelty Free West Expo. I got a hamper of goodies and this coconut flower nectar was included. Awesome prize, because I’d just run out:


I went to Terra Madre last week on a Sunday. Big mistake, the queue was literally to the very back of the store, snaking through those little rooms. I got some coconut sugar:


I also got these edamame mung fettuccine, black bean noodles and spelt fettuccine from Terra Madre. The brown rice vermicelli is from a supermarket:


Woolworths recently had a sale on their Macro coconut water cartons. I don’t like coconut water plain but I mix this with smoothies or protein shakes:


When cleaning out the pantry, I found this packet of vegan marshmallow mix. I don’t even remember buying it, I must have had a reason because I don’t like marshmallow!

I’ve been using a bit of this pesto by Terra Sana. I don’t really like pesto unless I make it myself from scratch, as the ones I’ve tried all seem to have a weird aftertaste. This vegan verde pesto is okay though and the convenience wins out for me:


I saw these Sweet William chocolate chips on sale. DeeW doesn’t like the dark semi-sweet chips I have from Costco, so these would suit her better if we make some biscuits:


Sunburst is a new palm oil free spread. The other Nutellex products contain palm oil, so when Sunburst was released at a half price special, I think quite a few vegans bought up big:


More “one day I will make something with these” products, this time soya creams. Because I’ve been eating a certain way for the past few months, I’m not really breaking out and experimenting with new ingredients. I’ll have to do something with these soon though:


I ran out of nutritional yeast and boy did I feel a part of my life was missing! I bought these flakes from the bulk bin area of Terra Madre. You can see they’re not that bright yellow colour like other brands but it’s still perfectly fine:


This Melrose organic sunflower mayo has a lemon taste I find a little strong now, for a plain mayo. The Pure Harvest rice malt syrup was recently half price so I picked up a couple of jars for a big recipe I will be making later this month:


For Christmas I received this jar of Outback Pride Kutjera Relish. I’m really looking forward to using this so have to research some good vegan recipes!


Of course, my helpers disappeared when I had to pack up… actually no, they showed up lying in the middle of the hallway when I was carrying all this stuff back to the kitchen!

In My Kitchen is a monthly blog link up hosted by Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and I’m submitting this blog post of mine for March 2015. It’s not a vegan event but anyone can join in and you can also discover new blogs, products and so on. I’ve taken down a few notes of things to try!

20 thoughts on “In My Kitchen March 2015

  1. It’s a cat’s life! Love seeing both your kitties as I often forget you have two when I just see the close ups and seeing them together makes me see their differences! You have lots of interesting purchases – I have a marshmallow mix way out of date that I recently took out in hope and has gone back into the pantry. I think I don’t like it enough (though sylvia and E do). I feel a bit the same way about a kitchen without nooch. Glad you found some. I have been pretty loyal to nuttalex lately but now you have pointed out about the palm oil I am less keen and feeling sad – is that sunburst available in the supermarkets or just at health food shops? And I tried the soya whip once and it was really sweet and I couldn’t bear it but E like cream (unlike me) and enjoyed it.

    • We got Sunburst from Woolies (it was half price when it was released there). Not sure about Coles. I tried the Soyatoo in the can years ago, it was awful and when I went to try it again a second time the nozzle broke! I had to throw the whole can away. Thanks for letting me know the soya whip is sweet, I might have made a cream pasta dish!

  2. I love your nosy kitty cats! So cute. And hopefully slower than my dogs at stealing food packets! πŸ˜‰ I don’t think I’ve ever tried Clif bars. They are everywhere here in abundance so I guess I just assumed they’re not healthy. πŸ˜‰ Are they all vegan do you think? Jo

    • I think the Clif bars are vegan, the Cruelty Free Shop here had quite a variety of flavours. As for nosy kitty cats, they managed to get a packet of pasta and chew it open!

  3. Lots of Yummy goodies here! I am a nuttelex fan but now feel very sad about the ingredients. I missed the sunburst launch special and may have to bite the bullet and pay full price (gasp!) next time I’m shopping. I’m also kicking myself for not stocking up on the macro coconut water when I saw it, my stocks are very low at the moment.

    What do you use coconut nectar in?

    • I use the coconut nectar in recipes from Ricki Heller’s ‘Naturally Sweet & Gluten Free’ cookbook mostly πŸ™‚ Sunburst is on special every now and then, I saw it at 20% off a few weeks ago!

    • they manage to get themselves everywhere (kitchen, laundry, toilet…) I have no privacy! Welcome to IMK πŸ˜€

  4. Kitty!!!
    Peanut Butter Cliff Bars are the very best flavour.
    I briefly got excited seeing that Sunburst stuff in your post, until I saw it was coconut oil based. Alas coconut oil results in certain death for me. However, I am very glad to see that it is available for others. πŸ™‚

    • waaah about the coconut oil! Yeah the PB Clif bars are pretty cool, I didn’t buy more than one because I figured I’d be eating them all before Friday, which is when I will potentially eat it at an event!

  5. Well, I love this post because there’s lots of interesting things and I’m always keen to see what’s new on the shelves and what people think of the. But the reason I really love this post is of course the ever watchful, silent sentinels in the back of many of the shots. A delight!

  6. I love your babies, they are so very cute… my Jan is exactly the same! πŸ™‚ All your produce looks fantastic… a bulk health food store has just open up down the road form me, so I am very happy as I can take my containers and fill them up! I saw those different pastas the other day in there supermarket and thought they looked interesting! I look forward to see what you do with them! Thanks for sharing! Liz xx

    • thanks! We’ve had a bulk food store open up not too far from me as well, so it will be good to use my own containers πŸ™‚