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Inner-north Melbourne has another reason to rejoice when it comes to superb vegan options at a non-vegan establishment, with the very first authentic gelateria in the inner north. May I present Miinot Gelato in Pascoe Vale South! Located on Melville Road along the 55 tram line, Miinot sits right on the border with West Brunswick, about five tram stops south of Bell Street.

We often travel down Melville Road and for quite a while last year I was intrigued by the closed store front with its newspapered-up walls. When I saw a gelato business was opening, I did the crossed fingers pleasepleasepleasepleasehaveveganoptions wish. Vegans and dairy free people, you know what I mean!

As a general rule on my blog I won’t show anything non-vegan, but in this case it’s hard to just snap the vegan flavours. I really wish I could have taken better pics to do everything justice!


Not only do Miinot have vegan options, they have great vegan options. Truly, I have loved everything I’ve tried.  Miinot rotate their up-to-18 flavours a lot and everything is made fresh right there in the shop.


The shop is quite small with one short bench so it’s best to buy then eat outside on the footpath. Don’t dawdle when it’s busy, the customers behind you will thank you for it. I’ve seen queues out the door, a testament to Miinot’s popularity with locals. Groups of children, lots of families or parents on their own like me who go sneak in a little me-time (yes, we give eachother knowing glances and whispers of “I haven’t told the kids”).


The smallest serve is the tiny cup or tiny cone (waffle or plain cone). Each is $2.50. The next size up is the single serve for $4.20. I don’t know about the vegan-status of the cones but I’m a cup girl anyway. You can only get one flavour in the tiny cup/cone but two in the single serve size, then more in the more expensive/larger options.


The vegan options are labelled dairy free and in the past I’ve asked about the sweeteners (i.e. if they use honey) and was told that sugar was used. I’ve asked about egg too and was also told there was none in the flavours I was choosing. Honestly, I would love to see the little ‘vegan’ labels in addition to the dairy free and gluten free labels. I think this makes it easier for the businesses when it comes to people asking “is this vegan” then having to go through the whole no there’s no honey no gelatin no non-vegan this and that. UPDATE: All vegan flavours are now labelled vegan.


We’ve visited quite a bit, as Miinot have created a monster when it comes to my family. Here are some of the flavours I’ve tried. I would love to take proper photos with my good camera instead of my phone– unfortunately I have to take these photos with my phone one-handed while juggling gelato in the other hand!

* Fresh Fig (in the top photo). Divine!

* mango

* passionfruit

* lemongrass ginger

* coconut lime

* strawberry

* raspberry

* Blue Pompom

* After Dinner (delicious dark chocolate mint)

* Blood Orange

* a dark chocolate with sesame (chocolate-tahini is one of my favourite combinations so I was stoked to see this)

* Mixed berries


Miinot is one of those places where you can tell, by the food, that the people making it love what they’re doing. The flavours they come up with are creative– baklava, lemon curd, peanut butter jelly (all non-vegan though, waaah!). This is a family owned business who care about top quality ingredients and I’m not surprised that Miinot have received positive reviews in the press.

Be sure to keep an eye on Miinot’s Facebook page as they post a photo or two daily, highlighting one of their flavours. Vegan flavours are hashtagged vegan.

With their ever-imaginative flavours and fine attention to detail as well as an obvious passion for producing superb gelato, Miinot is a firm favourite of mine. From a vegan perspective I love it, because the vegan flavours aren’t like other places I’ve tried which is more “mehhh, the vegans can have boring icy sorbet”. There’s none of that at Miinot. So as both a vegan and dairy intolerant customer, I’ll keep on going back.

Miinot Gelato

71 Melville Road

Pascoe Vale South

Closed Tuesdays: check website or Facebook page for opening times


Stop 41 on the 55 tram. No parking out the front but you can park in the side street (Woodlands Avenue). However there is a no right turn coming south down Melville Road in to Woodlands Ave (just do a U-turn further down 😉  )

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Look for this guy out the front!


12 thoughts on “Miinot Gelato, Pascoe Vale South

  1. This reminds me of Capigiro’s, a gelato shop in Philadelphia. It has named as one of the best ice cream in the world. Although they dont have non-dairy gelato, they have the best sorbet I’ve ever tasted. My favorites are the grapefruit and avocado gelato. The avocado sorbet is so thick and creamy! And their flavors rotate with the seasons so there are lots of great new flavors.

    • Grapefruit and avocado sounds delicious!!! I don’t usually like grapefruit but I would definitely try that!

    • yep and because they make it right there in the next room it’s awesome to know exactly what they put in 🙂

  2. I browsed this review and then recognise the ice cream statue because I pointed it out to sylvia recently when we were in the car – and now I am glad I know that it is an ice cream shop worth visiting because I have this feeling she will be asking to go there!