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lazybones cat

Here’s a look back at this past week. I often take photos or go places that I’d like to incorporate in to the family or Melbourne parts of my blog, but they never seem to make it in. Although my blog is mostly about vegan stuff, it’s also about what we get up to as a family, Melbourne, Melbourne for Families and other things. Also, during the week I read interesting articles or see great recipes I want to share with readers. So I’ve decided to create this new Week In Review series. It will probably feature a lot of cat photos 😉

I couldn’t go past this photo (above) of our supremely lazy cat Maltesers. When we adopted our cats last year, Arthur and DeeW got to choose a name each. Arthur’s favourite (non-vegan, sigh) chocolates are Maltesers so that was the best name ever, according to him. Is it unvegan of me to admit I call this cat Maltshitskis? In my defence I say it in a high pitched baby talk voice. He has such a loud purr, you can hear it from another room and you know when he’s sneaking up on you too cos he’s a big boy and makes the floorboards creak. He’s purring behind me as I type and sounds like a lawn mower.

Melbourne has a Love Lock bridge! It gets monitored in case the weight of the locks causes problems. Clearly, some people feel the need to carve the handrail instead:

bridge locks

I haven’t been interested in going to the Queen Victoria Night Market because last time I came home stinking of barbecue and the smoke from spit roasts was all around the food stalls offering vegan options. Urgh. This past Wednesday Arthur and I were going by the market so we decided to see what was going on. Again yes, it stank of barbecue. Arthur loves churros and this was the first stall we saw with a mercifully tiny queue. I asked the staff about the ingredients and everything was vegan (the woman there said definitely no egg or dairy) and that the churros are cooked in rice bran oil. Wheee!


We’re frequent visitors to Library At The Dock. Here’s a look at the Docklands area during Chinese New Year celebrations:docklands chinese new year

dragon at Docklands

This guy is known to many a Melburnian. He has been around for decades, sitting on various street corners drumming. When I was a uni student then working in the 90s, he would be drumming on the street corners where I was at. He had black hair back then and an upturned bucket instead of a drum and these days people are filming him on their phones. How times have changed! He disappeared for a while from outside my work and word on the street was that someone had stolen his cymbal. No idea if that is urban legend:

Melbourne drummer guy

I’d love to say I was in Amsterdam this week! Husband and I lived there for a few years. I got a kick out of this big backdrop in either Myer or David Jones (can’t remember which store):

lekker bike

This Little Free Library is along the Upfield Bike Path in Coburg. I cycle past it often. Googling it now, I’m really annoyed to see it has been repeatedly vandalised:

little free library Brunswick

I went in to Lush on Swanston Street last weekend. Here are some of their vegan masks:

Lush masks

Articles and Other Interesting Stuff:

* America’s First All Vegan School

* Vegetarian Restaurant Almost 120 Years ago

* Street Artists Paint Fitzroy’s Heritage-Listed Paterson’s Building To Raise Funds For Royal Children’s Hospital

This Guys Paints Random Characters In To Old Thrift Store Paintings

Melbourne News:

* Magic Milk Bar are holding vegan cooking and uncooking classes on March 22nd. More info here!

* Spot Burger are closing down. Formerly Il Gobbo, Spot Burger is located on Keilor Road in Essendon. Get in quick as they close on March 15th, but please check Spot Burger’s Facebook page for opening times.

* Check out Vegan Style in Collingwood for beautiful shoes and bags. Some of their items are on sale. Permission to squeeeee!

From Other Bloggers:

* Lysette over at Vegan Varg has written a few blog posts on some amazing treasures she found behind her attic wall. Creepy child chair! Lysette also posts about books with awesome covers and awesome illustrations, like this one.

* Cate from A Travelling Cook has written an ebook called Australian Classics Veganised. Cate’s blog has recently detailed her move to Germany.


* a delicious Peanut Satay Burrito over at Evolved Generation

* Coconut Custard Pie Chocolate Balls by the Kind Cook. Mel makes the most awesome recipes!

* Vanilla Cheesecake with Salted Date Caramel & Macadamia nuts from Bloom Nutrition. I love this because it doesn’t use coconut oil and instead uses coconut flesh.

Listening To:

I’m officially an old person because when I listen to the radio I often yell WHAT IS THIS CRAP POP MUSIC and turn it off. I have no idea who sings what. Anyway, there’s this song on the radio that goes “I still get jealous” and DeeW thinks it’s “I still can’t juggle”. Turns out this juggling song is one Nick Jonas. Another song that gets me dancing is Uptown Funk. It’s always on the radio, along with Hozier’s Take Me To Church. Which I love, but I prefer Hozier’s From Eden.

What I’m Reading:

* Lately I’ve been so busy that I have no time for reading, apart from flipping through my cookbook collection. When I was at the library I picked up a copy of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s book My Story. I’m three chapters in and boy is Kevin Rudd copping it. I hope I get to finish it before it’s due back!

* I just finished reading Less Is More by Kim Caruthers, a decluttering expert. It seemed fitting as part of my busyness lately has been due to decluttering the house! Again. This book had me laughing out loud a few times, when the author talks about the clutter we have in our homes because I had the exact same stuff she was referring to. Like keeping single socks for sock puppets that never get made. BWAHAHA I have about twelve of those. Here’s a short list of stuff I got rid of:

– bread maker (I prefer to bake bread from scratch with the kids)
– milkshake maker (used once before I was vegan… 3+ years ago)
– fondue set (used once, back in around 2008 and washing it was a pain)
– mango slicing contraption (really, a knife will suffice)
– mismatched and unpaired chopsticks
– 2 sushi bamboo rolling mats (I kept a third unopened one. No idea why I had three)
– metal utensils I never used
– plates and bowls from the back of the cupboard that never got used
– annoying whacky curly drinking straws
– loads of kids clothing
– lots of bed linen
– a torch thingy for creme brulee (I never make or made creme brulee)
– a potato chip cutter (because I can use… a knife)
– a foot spa
– a teeny little grater and a blunt microplane
– the $1 avocado slicer I bought from an op shop. I never slice avocado, hell I never buy avocado seeing as they’re usually around the $3+ mark here! Not only that, I found a second avocado slicer in the utensils drawer. I should probably get rid of that one too…
– the cake tin in the shape of little pretty flowers. Pointless really, because when you turn the cakes out you can’t see the shapes if you put icing or icing sugar.
– ice cream scoop (another one of those whim buys at Aldi)
– speaking of Aldi, some of those find-a-word puzzle books they have now and then.
If you’re in Melbourne and have goods to donate, please check out West Welcome Wagon. WWW help asylum seekers with household needs, clothing, furniture, food and much more. Just make sure your donated goods are in great condition. Another good group is St. Kilda Mums, especially if you have baby and kids items to donate.


Okay, that’s it for this week! Hopefully I can keep this going as a weekly thing (and be more disciplined with my weekly What I Ate series!) Have a wonderful remainder of the weekend 😀

10 thoughts on “A Week In Review

  1. Some people obviously feel they have to proclaim their love louder by vandalising public property! Yuk! I saw the locks bridge when I was in Melbourne and lots of people were looking for padlocks. I Love the article about the guy painting stuff in to old pictures.

  2. I love these kinds of posts -I hope you do, do more of them 🙂 Thanks for the tip of the hat Faye, you are so sweet! It makes feel me cozy seeing Maltersers exuding pure bliss!
    I love monsters added on old paintings, my brother is painting me a Cthulhu on an old western scene of wild horses galloping. The Star Wars ones are awesome!
    I’ve flipped through Less is More- a friend is reading it too and loves it. I get a rush out of de-cluttering. I’ve been given so many gimmicky kitchen items I’ll never use, haha how do you end up with two avocado slicers?
    I have wonderful memories riding around Amsterdam -dressed as pirates, biking to the Justice of the Peace for a friends wedding. I wore my eye patch the whole time, it’s amazing I didn’t wipe out! You are so lucky to have lived there, such a beautiful city and people!

    • oooh Cthulhu! My son wants to learn how to knit so he can make himself a Cthulhu balaclava. Can’t wait to see your brother’s painting! Less is More cracked me up because all the shitty little things she mentions were things I had in my house (like the chopsticks-without-partners). Amsterdam was awesome, hope I can visit again 😀

    • ha! We can’t work out if he’s smart and lies down when we ask him to, or if he’s just a lump who was going to lie down anyway 😛

  3. Fun pictures! I love the idea of the little free library. I asked my husband to build one for our front lawn. Nothing yet… 😉
    I so thought I would be a cool parent, but I wasn’t counting on the new music. I HATE the stuff my kids like. Taylor Swift? No thanks! Anyway, they don’t think I’m cool… 🙁

    • Ha, we just finished listening to Shake It Off on the radio, my daughter loves it (and Let It Go… which I admit I like too!)

  4. this is a great idea – I have thought of doing this sort of thing but I mostly find I have too much to blog about anyway so I try and cram it into the occasional post and often don’t have time to post half the stuff I mean to – love your photos of Melbourne and your humourous comments. That’s terrible to hear that the little library has been vandalised – such a lovely addition to the upfield bike path. I love all the links too – am now off to be distracted by some

    • yep so awful about the little library, credit to the ‘owner’ who keeps repairing it! I keep meaning to donate some books!

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