Week In Review


I don’t know if I am happy about doing these Week In Review posts, because they make me realise how fast the week has gone! Am I the only one who thinks time has moved too fast since about 2000?

I’ll start the posts in this Week In Review series with a cat photo. I know I’m not the only one out there who goes all squeaky at the sight of kitty paws! Up here we have what typically happens every time we break out a game. Punky insists on sitting all over the board, grabbing the counters and trying to swipe cards. Here he’s taking a break from cheating.

When I’m walking around Melbourne I always seem to take photos of the same stuff. Maybe that’s because I take the same route… One thing I do is look up. Always look up! I love our old buildings, our trees, everything here in Melbourne. When I worked in the city I don’t know if I looked up anywhere near as much as I do now:

Flinders bridge

We spent some more time at Library at the Dock. I love this building:

library at the dock

I met up with a lovely bunch of people for dinner at Yong Green Food. I got the Japanese curry again and really want to replicate this at home:


Arthur and DeeW had some friends over. Why walk down the street normally when you can be zombies?


There was a community event called Music For The People at a park in West Brunswick. We checked it out briefly but it was a bit too hot and the kids all wanted to zombie walk to get ice cream:


Articles and Other Interesting Stuff:

– Did you know you can search the records of the Old Bailey online? On this day in 1730 “Mary Gardener , of St. Peter’s Cornhil , was indicted for privately stealing a Watch, Value 4 l. from the Person of William Fan , the 15th of March last”.

– Sad news indeed with the deaths of Sam Simon and Terry Pratchett. Here’s an article Terry Pratchett wrote about being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

– Some great images of cute little bugs and insects taken by photographer Ken Lawson.

– How many animals have you saved by being meat-free? I don’t know how this is calculated, but check out this calculator. For 36 months my result is 606.

Inflatable regatta down the Yarra! Will you be going?

Employment letter from 1939 shows workplace sexism.


Melbourne News:

For the past three days, Melbourne has been hosting the Arnold Classic, an international bodybuilding and sports event named after Arnie. I got to cheer on my coach (vegan of course!) Christiane Carvalho as she placed fifth in her category, and then watched her set a chinups record at the event. Here she is talking to the host and here’s his face when she said she was vegan. Ha ha! But he was good about it (I found myself bracing for some silly comments but it was all good):



– I’ve had this recipe for Coconut Belgian waffles bookmarked forever.  I have a Cuisinart Belgian waffle maker and I’m not very happy with it as it keeps burning the inner corners but the outer corners aren’t as cooked. So I’m keen to try this recipe as the waffle maker used is just about identical to mine.

– Another recipe I’ve had bookmarked forever is this Rainbow Rice Cake. Doesn’t it look brilliant!

– Angela from Oh She Glows is always coming up with fantastic recipes. Check out her 3 Layer Nut-Free Dream Cups. Then wish you could pluck them right out of your screen!


What I’m Reading:

I’m still on former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s book My Story. Apart from that, just my usual reading pile of cookbooks!


Listening To:

Nothing in particular, just whatever’s on the radio. I’m hearing a lot of Madonna’s new song and wondering whether I should see her live. Then again, who knows if she’ll pull out of coming to Australia (again)! Help me decide you guys: should I put “see Madonna in concert” on my bucket list? I’m leaning towards going, no matter how much the tickets cost, because I’ll probably regret it if I don’t go. I didn’t see Prince when he was here and I regret it!


As I sit here I realise that yet again I have failed to meal plan for the family’s week of food. Tomorrow is set but I need to work out the rest of the week tomorrow. Arthur is now trying every single thing, everywhere, including wasabi and sriracha!!! Sure, he spits out about 90% but it’s fantastic progress. I’m going to break out the big guns this week and make some rice. He won’t go near rice, so this will be a great experiment!

6 thoughts on “Week In Review

  1. Good luck with arthur and rice – if he can do wasabi surely he can do rice! (yeah I know how there is no rhyme or reason in kid’s eating some days – or adults either!)

    Love the zombie walk and japanese curry and those links just keep me up too late! But keep up the posts. I know what you mean about week’s whizzing by. I need to think about the weekend’s potluck as it will be here before we know it and I still don’t have a clue!

    • I’m changing my mind about what I’m taking to the potluck! We’ll see how it ends up! As for Arthur, yes he will happily try hot salsa but run at the sight of plain rice…

  2. This week flew! I thought you’d just done a week in review too; not a complaint, they’re great! I was so caught up in Pratchett passing I missed Sam Simon did too. Bright minds and hearts are sad to see go. Gah that work place sexism letter is nuts; that the VP is apologizing – recognizing it’s ridiculous but feels bound to follow normative beliefs. It’s depressingly apathetic, at least she lived a long and loved life. Way to go Christiane, placing at the Arnold Classic is huge!!! That’s so cool you’re coached by her and she set a chin up record. The photo of the hosts surprise 🙂 Vegan win! The topping on the rice cake is so pretty, I like that she flavors each layer complimenting the color – not just one flavor with different colors. You’ll never regret seeing Madonna live!

    • heh yeah you’re right, I’ll never regret seeing Madonna live but I’d regret it if I didn’t! Yep that 1930s letter was just so arghghgh on so many levels. And I’m still cracking up when I see the face of the host at the Arnold when my coach said she was vegan, bwaha! Though he’s a strongman winner and probably knows about the vegan strongman champ in Europe 😉