Mantra Lounge Vegan Cruise


What a fab evening on board the Victoria Star, thanks to Mantra Lounge hosting their first vegan cruise! As someone who hates being on boats, gets motion sickness easily, can’t swim andΒ once went to a fancy dress party dressed as Gilligan, I might have had enough reasons not to go. But… VEGAN CRUISE. So of course I was there, even if I had to rock up solo (minus Gilligan costume).

We were treated to some presentations by Mark and Jason (both vegan) from Vegetarian Victoria, and a talk on food and consciousness by someone whose name I didn’t catch unfortunately (I’ll edit this when I find out his name). Lots of laughs and interesting information!

And the food, of course, was awesome:

mantraloungecruise1 mantraloungecruise2 mantraloungecruise3mantraloungecruise4


Check it out! The menu was loaded lasagna, nachos, mesclun salad (or cous cous salad), salsa and a cashew(?) cream. I love big servings of lasagna! Mantra Lounge prepared a lot of food so people were able to go back for seconds, but I was full enough and wanted to leave room for dessert:



MANGO. CHEESECAKE. Big serves!!! Bad photo:


Some of the view:

seashepherd southernstarwheel1

After dinner there was the raffle draw, some music, Q&A and then time to go home. I didn’t get any photos of the music performance as the light was really low and the pics didn’t turn out.

Mantra Lounge will hopefully make this a yearly event which would be awesome! You can check Mantra Lounge’s Facebook page for future updates. Or go in to Mantra Lounge for a meal, because the food is fantastic.

Thank you and well done to everyone involved in hosting this cruise!



14 thoughts on “Mantra Lounge Vegan Cruise

  1. I love your blog!!! Such a great review of the cruise, I wanted to go but had plans so I can at least drool over your photos! You write the best reports, when I discovered your blog I read it all in 1 day and then went out and spent money on leda biscuits!!!

  2. How fun!! That looks like such a good time. A vegan cruise in Iowa would just be me and David on a boat in the lake with a sandwich (not a lot of vegans here), and so this looks like a much better time! πŸ˜€

    • I’ve never seen a band play a song for so long– impressive! The audience were in to it and at the end the MC was handing the mic around but audience participation freaks me out so I went to the toilet when the MC was coming my way πŸ˜›