What I Ate: The Late Again Edition

berry banana smoothie

Here are my weekly eats. For the past few weeks… I don’t know what it is about keeping to a weekly schedule for posting What I Ate content. I never seem to remember, or take photos, or think the more boring stuff is worth posting! Here are some eats over the past few weeks. Up the top we have a banana berry smoothie. I use Prana ON protein powder.

Arthur and I were along Sydney Road in Brunswick around the time of my three year vegan anniversary, so we went in to the Cornish Arms for lunch. Arthur ordered the vegan Hawaiian pizza though he wasn’t too keen on the mock chicken and picked it off (the pizza has mock ham and chicken). I got the popcorn chicken Mexican wrap special. As always, the Cornish Arms serves are huge and I can’t finish them. With my wrap I got some wedges and slaw. Way too much food for me, I’d be happy to pay half the price for half the serving! The popcorn chicken was great though, the chef has nailed it:

cornish arms hawaiian pizza

Bad photo, but the wrap was pretty good:

cornish arms mexican wrap

One of my favourite simple ‘clean’ meals is this. Steamed veg, organic tofu and lentils with Mexican style spices:

tofu lentils veg

We’ve been having some chilly autumn days so I did a bit of baking for the kids. I made some banana walnut bread and these no-oil pumpkin biscuits/cookies. At the last minute I decided to add in the leftover Sweet William choc chips but they were a bit unnecessary:

tea time snacks

I made a slightly modified version of the Japanese curry recipe from Johanna at Green Gourmet Giraffe. Modified because I had veggies that needed using up and I threw in some tofu. Japanese curry is something I’ll always order if I find it!

Japanese curry

Arthur tried a rhubarb pie recently and asked if I could make one. I made a rhubarb apple pie with some cinnamon and a little coconut sugar, orange and lemon. I used a pie crust recipe from Vegan Pie In The Sky but I was a bit disorganised and short on time so I didn’t really like the way the crust turned out (it looks uncooked on the bottom but was in the oven for ages). Arthur loved it, DeeW ate the top crust, Husband said it was good:

rhubarb apple pie

I made some blueberry oat bars using a Dreena Burton recipe:

blueberry oat bars

I haven’t taken photos of my regular breakfast of overnight oats as I put the banana in overnight and it’s that cacky brown colour in the morning. Tastes good though! I’m still cooking my lunches and dinners for a few days in advance but when I fall behind I really feel it!

6 thoughts on “What I Ate: The Late Again Edition

  1. All looks good – glad you enjoyed the Japanese curry – it is such a great dish – love the rhubarb pie – sounds delicious – I don’t do much in the line of fruit pies and sometimes feel I really should make more effort with pastry. Congrats on your 3 year vegan anniversary – the ocrnish arms sounds like a suitable place to celebrate

    • I wish I could make my own popcorn chicken baked not fried, I have no idea how they get the texture just right though and I suspect the whole point of it is deep frying 😉