Week In Review: Buddha’s Day in Melbourne


This past week was a welcome quiet one. Arthur and Husband had super busy schedules but DeeW and I were able to take it easy at home. On Saturday we went down to Federation Square in the city to check out the Buddha’s Day festivities. Melbourne switched on perfect weather!

buddhasdaymelbourne1 buddhasdaymelbourne2 buddhasdaymelbourne3 buddhasdaymelbourne4 buddhasdaymelbourne5 buddhasdaymelbourne6  buddhasdaymelbourne8 buddhasdaymelbourne9

I’d hoped to get something to eat. There were lots of foods marked vegetarian but nobody was able to give me a guarantee about vegan options. In the end I gave in to DeeW’s big googly puppy eyes (maybe because I was making the same eyes) and got one of these twisty potato things. I was told they were cooked in oil and that was it. I was starving, I’d never tried one of these before and they smelled soooo good. Only later did I learn from a fellow vegan that these twists are often pre-dipped in a non-vegan batter:

potato twist

Here’s a random house near Melbourne Uni, snapped while DeeW and I were waiting for the tram:

terrace house


News time!

* Vegetarian Victoria will be celebrating their birthday on Saturday July 11th, 7:00pm at the 5th Brunswick Scout Hall on Weston Street, Brunswick. The event will be child friendly and alcohol free. Prices are $15 for adults and $7 for children under twelve, including food and drink. There will be prizes, a monster raffle, giveaways and competitions. More details to come but for now please check out the event page on Facebook, especially if you have dietary requirements. All food will be vegan. Fun times, please invite your friends!

vegetarian victoria stall


Have you heard the cover of Don’t Dream It’s Over by Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus?

I’ll leave it there for this week. Please enter my current giveaway (Leigh Drew’s Veganissimo! and Greenilicious) if you have an Australian mailing address. It’s a pretty sweet giveaway, if I may say so!


6 thoughts on “Week In Review: Buddha’s Day in Melbourne

  1. We were there on Saturday too! We were hanging out with vegan friends and they were ordering from most of the stands – mock-meats, deep-fried snacks, dumplings and the like. Honestly, the food was not as great as previous years, you didn’t miss out on much.

    • phew that’s good to hear– I heard some vegans say there was nothing but others were able to order some of the vegetarian labelled stuff cos apparently it was vegan!

  2. isn’t that sunshine glorious – shame about the potato twisters – sylvia has had them a few times but with the flavours which are just too much – and I saw about the vegetarian victoria birthday today and thought it sounded interesting – but am unclear about the entry fee – does it cover food and drink when you get in there????

    • hi, yep I think the fee covers everything when you get in. They said people can take along food (as long as it’s vegan) but there’s no obligation to take something.

  3. We have a huge Buddha’s birthday festival in Brisbane every year that has many vegetarian food stalls, but you do need to be careful to ask about egg and dairy.