What I Ate: The Sick Version

The past couple of What I Ate weeks have been pretty uninspiring, thanks to a sick household. This year it was clearly my turn to be struck down and for almost a fortnight too. For my own meals, it meant loads of juices as that’s all I’ve been able to stomach without feeling queasy. Lots of greens, oranges, lemons, banana, ginger and blueberry juice:

sick persons juice

Although I had no appetite mixed in with some crazy bouts of feeling like I was starving (but then I’d eat a little and feel sick, gahhh) I tried to get in some protein and veg. This chickpea veg curried stew, which I found in the freezer, did the trick nicely:

veg chickpea stew

Now that I’m feeling well enough to cook again, I made Toby’s Singapore Noodles with some tofu and veg:

singapore noodles

I made a batch of Glo Bars from the Oh She Glows cookbook. These were more to give me another snack option for DeeW who has done a complete about face and is now going through an extremely picky-eater phase. She wouldn’t even try these:


I have to make more of a disciplined effort to get back in to meal planning. I was so glad to find quite a few frozen meals I’d prepared for myself a couple months ago. When you’re sick and live in a house with a freezing kitchen, the last thing you might want to do is cook!

8 thoughts on “What I Ate: The Sick Version

  1. Sorry to hear you have been unwell – hard to eat well when you can’t face food but the juices sound like a good way to keep up the nutrients. Your singapore noodles look more full of veg and tofu and less heavy on the curry powder than mine – I sort of like them but get unsure if I like that much curry powder in them. And glad you got to do the glo bars – hope you enjoyed them even if DeeW is meh. Kids are so fickle with food – I spent time making a meal sylvia had requested yesterday and then all she wanted was baked beans! Grrrrr

    • I’m stunned DeeW actually drank some of the juice I made, as she insists on plain orange juice– this one was a disgusting colour from the berries and spinach but mercy me she drank it! I’ve been eating the glo bars πŸ˜›

    • thanks! Some days I was so hungry but eating made me feel worse! Thank goodness for blenders I say.