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Until last night, I hadn’t been to Smith & Daughters for dinner. I KNOW, you guys. I know. I have been for brunch before and did get as far as making a dinner reservation for my birthday last year but unfortunately had to cancel. But with my birthday this year, and with my sister and her partner moving a little ways out of Melbourne next month, I was pretty determined to make it there for dinner (at least the awesome looking autumn-winter menu)!

First up let me apologise for the flash photos of food. It was quite dimly lit inside and fiddling around with my camera settings was causing me no end of grief, plus I was kinda squished against the wall with not much room to move. Then I was holding everyone up by taking shots on different settings and in the end I just went with the auto setting.

The meals are designed to be shared. Aaaaand we shared lots. My mum, sister and I had looked at the menu the day before and instantly agreed on a few things. We loved the kale and leek bake with the crispy garlic bread crumbs on top. We ended up ordering a second. This was my standout favourite, same with my mum:


We also ordered the morcilla, which is a (vegan of course) blood sausage topped with chimmichuri. I was expecting it to be more firm, like a sausage, but it was quite soft. We agreed we should have ordered a side of bread as this would have been nice spread out over some nice toasted bread or pita. It was nice but if I was going to order it again I’d definitely get some bread:


Of course we couldn’t go without ordering the famous tuna and green pea croquettas that so many have raved about. They certainly lived up to my expectations (and I’ve always hated fish so I’d never have ordered a non-vegan version in my pre-vegan days!). My sister voted these as her favourite. We also got a serving of the tortilla, a Spanish potato onion omelette served with garlic aioli. The tortilla was quite cool (as in, not warm/hot like the other dishes) and the garlic aioli added a nice burst of flavour. I have to try and make my own version at home because anything potato works for me:


Speaking of potatoes, my dad voted the patatas con romesco ahumado his favourite of the night. We all loved them and were pretty delighted so see the large serving come out. We saw loads of potatoes being served to other tables (same with the croquettas). The sauce you see is chimmichuri and smoky romesco pepper. Delicious and definitely something I’d get again:


My dad isn’t vegan and orders garlic prawns wherever he goes so we ordered the gambas al ajillo ($18) for him. Prawns have always freaked me out and I’ve never had one in my life. I was happy to try this vegan version of course, but felt really weird about eating a ‘prawn’, even though I had no problem with that blood sausage! The prawns are marinated in lemon, garlic, chili and olive oil and served with some toasted bread:


My sister ordered the ‘splash of lash’ drink which was a nice not-sweet mix of coconut water, mint and lime:


Mum wanted to order more croquettas (after we ordered the second kale leek bake) but the rest of us wanted to leave room for dessert. We ordered a serving (five pieces) of the Spanish doughnuts, filled with quince jam. Delicious:



We shared a piece of the tarta de chocolate Azteca which was superb (and I’m not really a chocolate dessert fan). The avocado icecream was just right for me, not too sweet. I could really taste the avocado but my sister’s partner said he could only taste coconut (I have no idea if it contains coconut!):


Looking at the menu today, I want to try everything else before the menu changes!

Smith & Daughters

175 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

For bookings please visit the website at http://www.smithanddaughters.com/

For photos and more up to date info, visit the Smith & Daughters Facebook page.

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8 thoughts on “Dinner At Smith & Daughters, Fitzroy

  1. Well you managed to get there for dinner before me – sounds like going in winter for dinner is challenging with photos but your food looks really interesting and I would love to go at any time of year – the croquettes and doughnuts are the ones I would go for without hesitation – can’t wait for the deli to open – and belated happy birthday

    • thanks! I have no idea when I’ll be back in Fitzroy for the deli opening hours but their menu looks amazing, if a little pricey!

  2. Happy belated birthday! What a beautiful meal to share with family, looking at this I’d want to try everything on the menu too! Were the ‘prawns’ tofu or seitan? Is it generally a spanish tapas menu?

    • I think the prawns were more a seitan style as they were firm and didn’t taste at all like tofu. It’s pretty much small plates and tapas style for dinner I think– the brunch menu items seem more for individuals than for sharing!

  3. So much good! I’m the same as you with prawns, can’t even deal with veg ones. My mum ordered them when we went there for my birthday, she is a big seafood fan and loved them. I tasted some of the sauce but wasn’t game to eat the prawn. Enjoyed the blood sausage though!

    • I don’t know what it is about prawns. I think I’m the same with vegan calamari and I sometimes feel urgh if I eat a La Panella curry pie because it looks too much like the real gristle n gravy.