Late Lunch At Sister Of Soul, St Kilda

Sister of Soul, St. Kilda

I visited Sister of Soul some months ago but never blogged about it because I hadn’t taken photos (I was without my camera because I ate there before a concert at the Palais Theatre). This week I was able to go back for another meal and naturally, here I am to tell you about it 🙂

Sister of Soul provide vegetarian and vegan food, as well as some raw and gluten free meals. There are also options for people who don’t eat garlic or onion. The breakfast menu looks pretty fab!

I enjoyed my meal last time (the Rasavangy eggplant curry, $17.50) but my personal rule is that I never order the same meal twice when there’s the rest of the menu to explore. I was with Arthur so we ordered the rice balls with satay sauce ($9.50) which were really good. Arthur unfortunately dropped half a rice ball down his sleeve and despite taking his jacket off, we couldn’t find it. It wasn’t on the floor or seat either. That happened to me once with a dumpling and I later found it inside my boot:

Sister of Soul, St. Kilda

Arthur ordered the potato fries ($8.00). I would say I’m pretty fussy about chips, I mean when you get rank chips it hurts. These were really good chips, seasoned with rosemary and sea salt.

For my main, I ordered the vegan option of the Big Burrito ($17.00), though it seemed that the vegan option was just removing the cheese. The filling was red quinoa, spinach, beans and finely chopped veggies served with a salad, salsa and guacamole. I find it hard to resist a burrito with healthy ingredients and I quite enjoyed this:

Sister of Soul, St. Kilda

If I’m in St. Kilda again I’m very happy to go back and work my way through the vegan menu items. Service was fast and friendly and our food came out all at once (which suits me fine!). We were there around 3:15pm or so, and it wasn’t that busy though it was very busy when I went for dinner.

Sister of Soul, St. Kilda

Sister Of Soul

73 Ackland Street, St. Kilda


8 thoughts on “Late Lunch At Sister Of Soul, St Kilda

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it – I went there last year before a concert and loved it but the photos in the dim light were pretty disappointing and I hoped that if I wanted to blog it, that would give me a reason to return but still haven’t. But now I wish to be over that side of the city more just so I can go there!

    • it’s a mystery that I’m sure will be solved in two years or something when I will find it all mouldy in the bedroom somewhere…

  2. I went there once for lunch, back in late summer/early autumn. I was hungry, and over $30 later I was still hungry (and went over the road for a snack from Coles). I was really, really disappointed – it was like they thought vegans were scared of food or something. 🙁 But when I went there were apparently no vegans in the kitchen (I asked!) so maybe things have improved?

    • I’d be really disappointed too– going to Coles after a restaurant, no no no! Restaurants should never make us do that! I like to waddle out (though somewhere like the Cornish Arms is dangerous)!